Soldiers Sacrificed Much More Than You Know to Protect the Nation
Posted on March 30th, 2020

Dilrook Kannangara

Sri Lankan soldiers sacrificed much more than what everyone knows. Arms, legs, limbs, eyes, blood, sweat and life are not the only sacrifices. They sacrificed their time, marriage, family time and safety.

Most soldiers being Buddhists believe in good deeds and bad and their inevitable consequences. Taking life, right or wrong, is a bad deed resulting in suffering life after life. Sadly, people cannot be saved from most barbaric Tamil terrorists without taking their lives. Knowing its consequences, soldiers rose up to the challenge. In doing so they have signed up for suffering life after life. All this was done to save us and the nation.

There is a big difference between beliefs of a Christian, Hindu or an Islamic warrior killing for a holy” cause and a Buddhist soldier killing for the protection of a people. The former lot are not only pardoned for their killing, but also rewarded as they believe. No such pardoning and rewarding is found in Buddhist beliefs.

Appreciating these unparalleled sacrifices is only just. Those who find fault with soldiers for warzone happenings and mishaps are ungrateful beings unworthy of human existence in Sri Lanka. Give soldiers thanks and grace for they gave us hope. They have taken the longer route through Samsara and we shall wait for them.

This is a short rendition of Konstantin Simanov’s poem about a soldier – Wait for Me.

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  1. dingiri bandara Says:

    The whole country should be grateful to all the members of the armed forces and their leaders, including the Tamil community, for the sacrifices made by them and the the devotion in eliminating the terrorists.and freeing the country.
    They should never forget that we have the freedom because of the sacrifices made by them.

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