Teen who stabbed PHI placed in detention center
Posted on April 6th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

The suspect who stabbed a Public Health Inspector (PHI) who was on COVID-19 prevention duty has been produced before the Mawanella Magistrate’s Court today (06).

Accordingly, the teenaged suspect has been ordered to be placed at the Consultation Centre of the Boys’ Detention House in Algoda, Dehiowita until the 25th of August.

A 16-year old had attacked a PHI attached to the Rambukkana Public Health Office on coronavirus prevention duty at Paththampitiya area in Rambukkana at around 3.00 pm on Saturday (04). 

The assaulted PHI is currently receiving treatment at Rambukkana Hospital.

The suspect was arrested by the officers of Rambukkana Police at Heenabowa area yesterday (05).

Rambukkana Police is probing the incident further.

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