Posted on April 30th, 2020


The general public was not scared of Mahinda Rajapakse.  For children, Mahinda was an Appachchi”. If not he was Mahinda Mama.

For some others, Mahinda was a Thug. Equally for some Mahinda was Shrewd Man”.   If not Mahinda was a Boss. If not for others, Mahinda was a person who delivered the goods”.   By and large,  Mahinda is still a King for the nation.

But the general public was not exactly aware of what Gotabaya will do if he is given the powers of Executive Presidency. They were not sure exactly as to what type of person Gotabaya was, as he lived a quiet and frugal life, in Sri Lanka or overseas.  Therefore, he was an unknown quantity to a great extent.

We all remember, how his opponents capitalized the Unknown Factor” to intimidate the general public. So they brought in the Fear” factor, the Fear for Gota  Bhaya.

Rajitha Senaratne said in Kandy I am very frightened of Gotabaya if he becomes the President:”.  Mangala Samaraweera said, HE IS TERRIFIED OF GOTABAYA”.   Sumanthiran said ” I am very scared of Gotabaya. If Gotabaya becomes President, we Tamils are finished. Therefore, to defeat Sinhalese, vote for Sajith”.

 But now, the President Gotabaya what he has done against Tamils and Muslims? Did  he deliberately ignore the Tamil and Muslim corona sufferers allowing them to die?

Did President Gotabaya give powers to Police to beat and force Rabbit Jumping  on the main street  to those who violated social distancing or curfew rules?

Did President Gotabaya use Water Bowsers and Tear Gas to disperse protesting University Students?

Is Gota  still a Devil? Or is he a Murderer?  Or is Gotabaya  a Compassionate  Leader, aspiring to achieve the status of a Bodhisatwa?

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