Probe into NGO headed by lawyer in custody Easter Sunday carnage:
Posted on May 6th, 2020

By Norman Palihawadane Courtesy The Island


Acting Inspector General of Police has ordered the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) to conduct a thorough investigation into the Non-Governmental Organisation, headed by lawyer Ejaaz Hizbullah, who is in the custody of the CID, as a suspect in connection with the Easter Sunday attacks.

The investigation into the NGO was ordered since it had been largely funded by two of the suicide bombers, who carried out the Easter Sunday attacks on churches and hotels, on 21 April 2019, Police headquarters sources said.

It has been revealed that the head office of the NGO is located in a building, purchased by the bombers.

The CID has received several reports that Mohammed  Zahran Hashim, who planned the suicide attacks, on Easter Sunday, last year, had visited the building. The CID is conducting an investigation into the incident. The TID has been assigned to investigate the activities of the NGO.

Investigations have revealed that about six million rupees was credited to this NGO’s account, annually, and the NGO has spent a similar amount yearly. The account now has less than Rs. 20,000 and the cash flow, to the account, has ceased after the Easter Sunday attacks.

Investigators have also raised suspicions whether those involved in the Easter Sunday attacks also deposited the money in the NGO’s account, since the deposits made to the account ceased abruptly, after the attack.

It has been revealed that the Madrasa School, in Madurankuliya, was also started by the NGO, under investigation.

Investigations have revealed that the orphans were enrolled in the Madrassa school.

A senior CID officer said the orphaned children had been given jungle combat training and the CID had raided the training centre, in Wanathavilluwa.

The CID investigations have revealed that several politicians have worked closely with this NGO.

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