Posted on August 11th, 2020

Stanley Gunaratne 

The People have voted overwhelmingly to support the President at the General Election. I stress – to support THE PRESIDENT – and not the cabal of usual faces in Parliament who may try to now hijack the administrative boat and take the nation on a pointless procrastinatory Indian jaunt again. The President must now swiftly act and GET THINGS DONE.

No excuse. The two-thirds is in place. No delays. No saying “give it time”. ACT NOW and do what should have been done the moment the war against the Indian terrorists ended:

The following must be done to save Sinhale/Ceylon once and for all:

1. Abolish the 19A – This will restore the Presidency who is directly elected by the People and remove the atrocious elements of the 19A which were passed without a referendum. 

2. ABOLISH the Indo Lanka Accord – No sovereign nation, nay a nation with any self-respect, would abide by an illegal treaty forced upon it that prohibits it engaging with other countries without the approval of India. At the moment, India has the final say over our Ports! What nonsense is this? We are not part of India and are meant to be independent! The Trincomalee Tank Farm must also be taken back from India. Any leases or ventures in future must be put out to a proper GLOBAL tender and not to third rate Indian companies. The Indo Lanka Accord is illegal and was forced upon us under duress. India’s interests, or “concerns” are of NO CONCERN to us.

3. ABOLISH 13th amendment AND Provincial Councils – The 13A contains DISASTROUS elements which mention ethnic homelands, ethnic laws and areas and encourage corruption and parochialism. The Provincial Councils waste the nation/taxpayer over $2-3 BILLION (approx. LKR 555,000,000,000) EVERY YEAR. That is money that can be put to far better use. The country only needs one accountable government and efficient Civil Service to get things done. Local authorities (i.e. village, or urban councils) should only be required to manage very minor matters such as refuse collection, or minor street repairs. 
4. BAN ethnic parties and ethnic ghettos – No part of this nation should be mono-ethnic. The entire population should be mixed. No party or political entity/aspirant should campaign based on ethnicity, religion, caste or region.
5.BUILD public housing to settle people in mixed settlements islandwide. Settle Sinhalese and Burghers in the North – Implement an “ETHNIC INTEGRATION POLICY” islandwide like in Singapore. This is eminently feasible. For instance, the Gal Oya Schemes initiated by DS Senanayake settle populations of mixed settlements in the North and East, housing Sinhalese, Tamils, Moors, Burghers and Malays together. In Singapore, the National Housing and Development Board regulates the population by building public housing and mixing residents. It regulates sales to conform to bands that represent the overall demographics of Singapore. If you do this in Sinhale/Ceylon, there will be no more mono-ethnic North and no more ghettos. 

6. ABOLISH unnecessary pointless public institutions (e.g. various boards that fix prices and are merely entities to fill with “jobs for the boys“). Government jobs should be extremely limited and confined to an elite, efficient and meritocratic corps of taskmasters who carry out government policy, irrespective of who is in power. Decentralisation of the Civil Service can occur, but there must be ZERO devolution. There needs to be a bonfire of RED TAPE that holds the People and businesses back. 
7. RECREATE ONE school system with all children in one classroom learning in either Sinhala, and/or English medium in ALL districts without exception – There should be zero compulsion to force Sinhalese to learn in Tamil. Instead, the focus should be to teach the Sinhalese their mother tongue of Sinhala AND a first class knowledge of English. Teaching other languages like Korean, Mandarin and Japanese as an additional language should also occur. The focus at the primary, secondary and tertiary level should be the STEM education model to create PRODUCTIVE graduates. All children should be taught the ancient history of this country and history of the noble Independence Movement. 
8. BAN INDIAN lorry buses, trains, three wheelers and Indian Modi jackets 
9. INVEST in Chinese and Japanese electric trains nationwide (a bullet train can cross North to South in 70 minutes)
10. INVEST in electric buses nationwide – the city of Shenzhen in China is a good model for this where all transport is electric.
11. BUILD an MRT for Colombo and light rail/DLR systems for places like Kandy, Hambantota, Galle, or else electric trams (like we used to have in the 1950s).
12. ENFORCE THE RULE OF LAW – start from the top. Make the punishment for corruption a thorough CANING like in Singapore. In Singapore, after a Minister returned having gone a trip with a businessman (a conflict of interests), he was arrested the moment he landed back in the country. The criminals who committed high treason such as Sirisena and the architects of the Bond Scam should be fully prosecuted. Any present government-linked ministers to high crimes or corruption must be duly punished. WITHOUT THE RULE OF LAW, SINHALA CAN NOT BE A GLOBAL BUSINESS HUB. So get it done.
13. ENFORCE ONE LAW, ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE. BAN madrassas. There should not be multiple ethnic laws. There should not be one law for politicians and another for the people. We should live as one Ceylonese people, under one national law with one indomitable destiny to achieve our full potential to be a first world paradise nation.
14. Tell India to go to hell when they issue diktats. This country was never part of India, is not now and never will be. We are not part of India’s sphere of interest, nor India’s backyard.
15. RE-TENDER the Trincomalee Harbour/oil farm to a mixture of domestic players – including the public CPC – and all global majors (e.g. Shell, Sinopec, Petronas, Total) and NOT the pathetic Indians
16. RE-ENFORCE a meritocracy on our island. No more cronyism and political yes men in positions.
17. Have SELF RESPECT and cane Indian fisherman who illegally plunder in our waters. – There is nothing to negotiate about fishing rights. These are our waters, our fish and our coral reefs that these Indians are destroying illegally entering our waters.
18. Make RAPID strides to join ASEAN (we were invited at founding)
19. RESTORE the national Lion flag raised in 1948 – This was rediscovered by the Independence movement in the Royal Chelsea Hospital in London. It was duly returned by the British and that was the flag that was raised on 4th February 1948. The original Lion flag should represent us all. There should be zero stripes, or demarcations for ethnicities. 
20. RESTORE the name of the country to SINHALE and CEYLON and remove the Indianised “Sri Lanka”. The official name should be “Republic of Sinhale”. All citizens should be called Sinhaledeepans, or Ceylonese.
21. CODIFY the languages to either:


National Language and anthem – Sinhala 
Official Languages – Sinhala and English 
Working Languages/Mediums – Sinhala and English 



National Language and anthem – Sinhala 
Official Languages – Sinhala, Tamil and English 
Working Languages/Mediums – Sinhala and English 

What we have now under the current constitution, is a disaster. Tamil is given National Language status when it isn’t a national language. And English is given the ridiculous Indian style title of “link language” which has zero meaning. So the Language Laws must be corrected to one of the above options.

24. INSTITUTE PRO BUSINESS LAWS AND LABOUR LAWS – end this Marxist/Socialist nonsense and end crony capitalism and crony socialism. The country needs to be as productive as the competitor nations of Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Malaysia. 
24. STOP PANDERING to India. You will notice how Indians derogatorily refer to us as “Lankans” even omitting the Sri in our name.

25. BUILD, MAINTAIN AND PRESERVE OUR BUDDHIST AND ANCIENT HERITAGE – I am glad to see the President is taking a keen interest in this. There are ancient stupas, Buddhist relics and monuments to ancient kings that must be preserved. Like in Buddhist nations like Thailand and Burma, Sinhale/Ceylon must build Stupas nationwide. The ancient tank system must be revived. All citizens should be taught their history.

Additional suggestions:

26.) EXPAND the Port City and EXPAND relations with China and ASEAN companies
27.) BUILD a Changi/Hong Kong style International airport in Colombo and/or Trincomalee . We cannot claim to be a “HUB” if we lack a Transit airport with less than 100 million passenger capacity. Our competitors are Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.
28.) MOVE Mattala Airport (i.e. rebuild) to the Hambantota Harbour itself which is a more appropriate location next to the Port.
29.) DO NOT TOLERATE TOMFOOLERY. Any Minister who even suggests to buy Indian should be publicly caned on the Galle Face. 
31.) Rebrand and reset Sri Lankan Airlines. Separate the debt of the carrier and create a NEW national airline with a professional management team. Call it Ceylon Airlines which will have a better brand name. Set the same standards as Singapore Airlines where only YOUNG cabin crew serve (stewardesses have to retire after 10 years and there is an age limit after 30-35 you give way to new recruits) and only NEW aircraft are sourced and utilised. You need a young crew and young fleet of planes. 

32.) OFFER ONLY young, vibrant and honest candidates at all future elections. No more mankollakarayas and fat buffoons. I am aghast that Nimal Sirpala and Sirisena were nominated as candidates. There are 21 million of our citizenry. There are Sri Lankans even working at NASA. You cannot tell us that some of these politicians are the best of us.

33.) Teach the good and bad of colonial rulers and of our post independence leaders. Lee Kuan Yew recognised (like our own Independence movement) that the colonials did terrible things and had no right to rule them. However, whatever little that was good must be utilised and rightly acknowledged. He also noted his disappointment that his fellow independent nations’ leaders were corrupt and ruining their countries. Our own politicians for instance have ruined our tea industry and brand image. HISTORY must be based on FACTS and not based on the REVISIONIST HISTORY propagated by POLITICAL PARTIES (to glorify themselves) or the INDIANS (who whitewash their crimes and control over our island). 

34.) Build Solar parks and store electricity from hydroelectric and solar using Battery farms (e.g. the Tesla Battery Farm in Australia). BAN Coal plants.

In short GET THINGS DONE. There is ZERO EXCUSE not to abolish the 13A and Indo Lanka Accord now. 


The Sinhalese nation. Ceylon is Sinhale in English. 

What our trains should be like. Would you rather have Provincial Councils, or bullet trains?

The Lion flag of the Sinhalese nation, raised once more in 1948

Nelson called Trincomalee “the finest harbour in all the world”. Should it be laying idle under Indian control? This should be a bustling metropolis like Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco Bay etc. 

TEN years since we defeated the Indian LTTE. We should have already been like Singapore by now. May the heavens grace our country and may this opportunity not be squandered. Please Mr. President, be one of us – the people – and don’t let the politicians ruin your term in office!

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