Private Members Bill- Bill 104
Posted on August 15th, 2020

Engr. Kanthar Balanathan DipEE(UK), Grad.Cert.(Rel.Eng-Monash) DipBusAdm(Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE Retired Director & Specialist Engineer Power & Control Systems

Mr V. Thanigasalam
Member, Legislative Assembly

Dear Mr Thanigasalam,

Private Members Bill- Bill 104

  1. General

It is a regret to note that at the age of 31 you have become a Legislative member in Ontario representing the Scarborough area which is known to have two sectors, (i) murky type area, (ii) normal area.

Whatever it is politicians are considered to be above the law, in the third world countries. SriLankan Tamils migrate to the developed world to better their knowledge and intelligence and bring up their children as scientists, engineers, doctors etc. When Sinhalese people move into the North (Jaffna), Tamils and Politicians create mayhem, turmoil and pandemonium in SriLanka and run to the UN shouting COLONISATION”. The basic principles of cohesive living are absent in the minds of the Tamils because they are still backwards in their culture, which is uncivilised in general terms. However, you guys can colonise Canada and change their culture, habits etc.

The reasons you are there is because Velupillai Prabakaran (VP) wanted Tamils for SL to migrate so that he can elevate his position. This was the reason he blew up 13 soldiers in Tirunelveli in July 1983 inciting a racial riot. Psychology works counterproductively in humans. People who attempt to commit suicide can be considered to have some degree of Psychiatric disorder. In this context, the black tigers and the entire LTTE cadre can be regarded as psychiatric patients including VP who suffered from a lot of sicknesses, like Bi-polar disorder, BP and heart issues. What he made use of is plunder Tamils wealth and made unwanted rowdies to become rich overseas. Do you know the number of Tamils plundered LTTE funds in Ontario?

Okay, coming to the question of perception and knowledge: If I inform you that I have travelled 72.32 billion kilometres in space can you work out my age or will you laugh at me, which may depend on the level of your perception. What are SOx and NOx? How environmentally does Transport limit the longevity of a person?

The lamenting part is that despite bringing good positive private member bill, you have taken into your hand to place a negative unproductive racial topic known as An act to proclaim Tamil Genocide Education Week”. You have not understood that this type of bills will have a negating effect on the psychology of humans in SL. Your Tamils in Scarborough can have whisky and chicken during weekends; however, Tamils in SL suffer due to lack of finance, which your people will not advance. The reason is that there was not any genocide in SL. It was only a racial riot provoked by LTTE.

Tamils will fund Tamil politicians during elections, however, will not help the poor.

  • Bill 104-Preamble

1.(1)     The seven days in each year ending on May 18 is proclaimed as Tamil Genocide Education Week.

This ending period before May 18 was a war between the military of SriLanka and the LTTE terrorists. You must look at the weapons LTTE was manufacturing with the help of the western world. Please refer the following web site: It cannot be concluded that the military massacred the Tamils during this period. You can see the people were rescued by the military. LTTE could not use the weapons, maybe, because the operators ran away to Kerala and Goa on finding out the result. You are aware that the LTTE planes bombed the Katunayake airport, Tax office and the Anuradhapura military camp. The result is that the immature and untrained LTTE cadre were cowards who ran away and LTTE human resources were not quite trained to withstand a massive SriLankan military force. Therefore, where during this line you see the genocide. Tamil Diaspora (TD) has been lying to the world about Genocide without understanding the meaning of Genocide. Have you analysed and quantified the killing of Sinhalese by the LTTE? I do not think partiality will take your life anywhere.

(2) During this period, all Ontarians are encouraged to educate themselves about and to maintain their awareness of the Tamil genocide and other genocides that have occurred in world history.

It is ridiculous to note that you are requesting a meaningless and valueless request from the Ontarians, when during this time they can supplement/strengthen their knowledge with Science, Arts and Canadian Culture. You guys are Canadians. Please do not be a front-runner to drive out a Tamil state in Canada/Ontario. Now, you are wasting your time and the Government / Royal time by requesting for Royal Assent. Did you know that Tamils of Indian origin after more than 100 years were disfranchised in SL in 1948? No one took this up for a royal assent to cancel the result of the bill. There were several Lawyers in SL in 1948 sucking the British but were afraid to talk about the bill.

Have you studied Cost-Benefit Analysis? What Benefit does this Bill accrue by observing the theoretical Genocide”.

It is hoped that you are married. If then bring up your children in the developed Canadian environment to be scientist, Astrophysicist, Doctors or in nanoelectronics rather wasting your time in theoretical genocide.

Just to explain you on knowledge:

Humans perceive different effects about the same state, as perceptions vary from person to person. People assign different meaning to what they perceive.  (Kanthar B)

Although all human males are born with ≈1.5 kg of the brain, not all perceive the same thing in the same perspective, the same way. Knowledge is defined as information, proofs, aptitudes and proficiencies, acquired through involvement and practise; i.e. an appreciation of the theoretical and practical training, and understanding of a subject or job.

Yours Faithfully

Engr. Kanthar Balanathan

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