Response to wrong information going around – Harris Chief of Staff is not Sri Lankan
Posted on August 15th, 2020

Anjalika Silva 

Dear friends,

I checked on this and the posting that went around was a year old.  This is the Chief of Staff for her Senate position.  

This should not have a bearing on whether people vote or don’t vote for the Biden – Harris ticket.  The Chief of Staff should have no bearing on voting choice.

Just clarifying the incorrect news circulating.

The Old news in circulation is:

Senator Kamala Harris, Vice Presidential Running Mate of former US Vice President Joe Biden, for the US Presidential Election, has as her Chief of Staff a young lady of Sri Lankan origin.

Rohini Lakshmi Ravindran
Kosoglu, 31,  is the daughter of W. Ravindran

an Old Thomian and crickerter and Shobana Mylvaganam daughter of Dr Mylvaganam, a famous Surgeon who worked in Kandy for many years.

The Real Chief of Staff appointed for Kamala Harris is:

Her new Chief of Staff was named on the news just after the ticket was announced as Karine Jean-Pierre and she was the black girl who jumped in the middle when KH was attacked by a visitor to one of her speaking sessions.  Karine is an MSNBC political panelist and has a very soft spoken mentality and hopefully our Embassy in Washington will establish some contact with the team and staffers.  I have already alerted them about this note that is old news circulating and also the new update.

Please don’t make some foolish Sri Lankan American voters have their usual poorly thought out a rationale to vote the conman back.  WE ARE SAFE. THE OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVES WILL TAKE CARE OF THEIR PUBLIC RELATIONS.  In my small way, I plan to do my part without any status but just access to as a voter with a few ears that listen.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Hope they will bring peace to this troubled world. Hope US will remove all the bases around the world but must encourage the locals to fight the terrorists in their countries that undermine the wellbeing of all the citizens.

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