Media Minister – Ban mainstream media bashing Buddhists & Buddhism using pseudonym scribes
Posted on August 16th, 2020

The massive mandate received from the people should not be obstructed by sepoy scribes who have infiltrated the high places of the Editorial staff and always writing to please embassies of western countries & NGOs with anti-national, anti-Sinhala, and anti-Buddhist narratives. There is a well-funded campaign to vilify Buddhists & Buddhism in particular by the private owned mainstream English newspapers giving a platform to writers using pseudonyms. While writers using their real names can be challenged, people throwing stones hiding behind a bogus name cannot be held accountable for the malicious & vindictive manner they write. In such a scenario, it is the editors of these mainstream newspapers and even web journals who have to be held to account as they know the identities of the cowards who do not wish to say what they want to say openly but do so hiding behind a false name. This ugly practice must stop. The Media Minister & the new Government must also look into the grievances of the majority and one key area is the denigration the majority is subject to in all forms of communication channels. Strict rules and regulations must be issued to the mainstream media channels with regard to attacking Buddhists and Buddhism using pseudonyms and hiding behind ‘freedom of press’ ‘rights of media’. The Sri Lankan Press must be sensitive to all readers. Name calling and ridiculing 2/3 of the people of Sri Lanka by cowards is not acceptable. 

Who are these cowards writing & bashing Buddhists & Buddhism using pseudonyms? 

–       Don Manu

–       Vishwamithra

–       Naan

–       Cassandra

–       Notebook of Shani

This is nothing but biased and unethical gutter journalism at play.

The mainstream English newspapers are circulated internationally and end up being the main source that individuals and organizations refer to. If the international community have an adverse opinion against the majority in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan press has to be held accountable in view of their role in vilifying the majority Sinhala Buddhists.

The manner the editors and the owners allow scribes to ONLY ridicule and denigrate the majority Sinhala Buddhists is nothing they can deny. A content analysis will reveal the derogatory nature of Buddhist bashing press, the editors facilitating the bashing and the scribes given a forum to do so.  To add to injury the editors do not even allow right of replies or even opportunity for new writers. The same columnists have been writing for decades. Dictatorial nature of editorial positions can be assuaged in the manner main editors have also been glued to their seats while they lambast politicians for not retiring!

In a country with 74% Sinhalese – the Buddhist opinion is purposely suppressed and even Poya Day supplement write up by English mainstream private newspapers is given to a non-Buddhist or a pseudo-Buddhist to question Buddhism or put forward some uncouth opinion. How many editors are Buddhists? How many writers are allowed to put forward Buddhist opinion? Thankfully the alternate media and social media have enabled the Buddhists to challenge the injustices. Soon the print media, already in decline, will realize that they will have no circulation or purchase of their papers because they carry the same old vindictive opinions of writers and the same denigration and offer people nothing new to think about.

Given that the Press Complaints Commission is under the Media Minister and a Code of Professional Practice binding newspapers, publishing companies, editors, journalists and contributors for print & online exists, the Minister must clearly issue a circular banning pseudonym writers bashing Buddhists/Buddhism.

If they want to bash Buddhists/Buddhism come into the open and do so, without being cowards, hiding behind the editors and throwing stones via pen.

Code of Professional Practice for Sri Lankan media.

6.3 of the code: a journalist

shall not knowingly or willfully promote communal or religious discord or violence. The conclusion of the article declares ‘

6.4 of the Code:

The Press must avoid prejudicial or pejorative reference to a person’s race, color, religion, sex or to any physical or mental illness or disability’.  

Use of pseudonyms by scribes only displays their moral cowardice seeking cover under a fake name and throwing stones. 

No country allows mainstream press to give a platform to scribes to bash the majority using a pseudonym. Sri Lanka should not either.

The media minister must appoint a national media commission and release report along the lines of 1964 Press Commission Report.

The media minister must bring legislation banning pseudonyms attacking Buddhists/Buddhism via mainstream media

The media minister must build Patriotic writers to defend Sri Lanka. 

War of arms is over in Sri Lanka.

The soldiers did their part magnificently

Now is the War of words

It is the task of the patriotic writers to defend the Nation using the pen.

The Govt must recruit a team of such writers.

The pen army will be Sri Lanka’s next defense.

They must dictate the narrative which has been unfairly held by sepoy press, lascoreen journalists & coward scribes.

Patriotic forces of Sri Lanka must be on top in the war of words.

Sepoy Journalism must be replaced with Patriotic Journalism.

Shenali D Waduge

4 Responses to “Media Minister – Ban mainstream media bashing Buddhists & Buddhism using pseudonym scribes”

  1. Charles Says:

    Shenali you have high lighted some thing that had bothered me for quite sometime. Their writings do not matter for the Sri Lankan people. The English educated Colombians for me are a part of the west and the Tamil Diaspora. The real Sri Lankans live out side that group of Colombians. The Media which help these anti Sinhala Buddhists I notice are Mirror Sunday Times FT Colombo Telegraph and even The Island fall into the category of anti Sinhala Buddhist media. What is unfortunate is these are the news media read and accepted by the West and NGO groups. What ever trash they write are accepted as gospel truth by them. These media and their columnists should be controlled, censured. Freedom of the Press should have its limits. The government should no accept any trash in the name of Democracy, Freedom of the Press, or even those issues which fall under the Western and NGO vogue word Human Rights.

  2. Nimal Says:

    I am proud to be a Colombian because we work hard and pay our taxes sadly being squandered by the culture vultures in the country. Thanks to the colonial types I learned to be honest, work hard,pay my taxes and help the country of my birth. It is wrong for people living the counties of the colonials and lecture the innocent suffering people in the island with their medivial habits.
    People in Lebanon and many African countries are rising up against their thieving leaders and want the French to come back to govern them.See what’s going to happen to the dictator in Belarus.This uprising will be every where. I am not surprised that there is a similar uprising in Thiland,with the help of the internet people in every corner of the world knows what is right and wrong and they want the standards and lifestyles that are are practised in EU countries.
    There are few African asylum seekers sitting on the steps of a hotel near here and I was curious to find that they are people who landed in UK taking a big risk in the sea and the authorities have given them shelter and their wish is the French to comeback and take over their country as their leaders are robbing their assets and they are in povert.
    There is a new thing developing in the first world where our assets are well scrutinised to see if We are investing for a third party, which found will be confiscated. It is bit of bother to me but I was told decades ago to keep my accounts and other records saved as there will be a time to be accountable. Many are losing their assets and some are trying to shift their stashed assets from Belarus but those fellows in the govt will loot it and take it elsewhere as their days are numbered.
    So one must face the real world without rapping oneself with a religion and absurd bygone history.Lebanes tried to be secular but could not give up the primary sin which is greed that is strictly discouraged By Buddha.

  3. Charles Says:

    There are still people who thin Sri Lanka was better under the British colonialism. May be they are these proud Colombians.

  4. Nimal Says:

    Yes Charles we were very well off under the British.After seeing their orderly and advance living standards after visiting their settlements in Batavia,India,they wanted the same for our people.We were on good times then beginning of complete turnaround of the unequal and suppressive world.Thanks to persons like George the 3rd slavery was abolished thoughugit took some time because some powerful slave master like persons didn’t like the change and they even when to the extent of demonizing the King saying that he was mad.
    This new found culture began in GB attracted Persons like Lenin(who lived in a small room in London’s Soho) and CarlMax lived and died in GB.
    King George did so much for the people of the world.His influence in the colonies could be well noticed and documented. He had a keen interest in agriculture and literature.As far as Ceylon was concerned he maid sure the Sinhalese people were given the land of their own.Over centuries of us being supressed by the Dravidian rule the British after the convention gave the innocent citizens a space to breath.
    To start with beginning from the South where our families were cattle were given the freedom by allowing us land by pushing the settlers from the Indian origin north where their devales were turned into Buddhist temples.They put roads all over the island connecting the areas.People who before that had to sail from Colombo to Trico to get to Kandy.They united the country.Go to any suppose to be purana temple and see they were one time Hindu temples.I saw to my self where old colonial man making Buddhist statues at Bihrawa mountain in Kandy and the huge army trucks come and to them into devales like embakke and even the Malgawa.They sanctified the Maligawa which had a tyrannical history.
    People like Doyle and Manning gave us the first perahara where innocent citizens were able to participate to the fury of the new found leaders who wanted the king in Kandy to be replaced.From 1815 English law was in operation where fir the first time every citizen is equal under the law.Some did not like it and they obstructed the innocent people participating in the first perahara in 1828 and the British had to protect the people with 1800 Malay troopers.^They liberated and cleared areas for us to live stating from areas like Kaluthara,Kotte where our families were settled and we owned plenty of land given to us and we cultivated those land with coconut and even cinnamon.So0me were pushed to the centre with tea plantations. There were opportunities to any Sinhalese that was willing to venture,my grandfather afiter setting up the first school at Gotambi with just 9 students set up the first school in the island which was the CMS kotte(now the para Jaywardena pura Viddyalaya).My grand father told us in 1951 that per4ticular place was selected to for it beauty boardering Diyawannawa lake and to stop a pervert who sat under the Na tree who was there all the time just watch the beautiful princes taking a bath.They were so in secured they used the small tunnel made by the king for them to approach the lake safely.
    Colonials also got our ancestors to get close to Anradapura and the British army installed the Talwa station where an English lady name Evlin Karni went along,thogh she was from the CMS never went there to convert people.They settled thousands of families in lands given to one of our ancestors from the south,the Dissanayake family and to keep the newly settled people they erected a Buddhist temple at Ralapanawa.Three years ago when we visited there old people still remember her as Kiri Amma.Her house which was known as the house of joy was deliberately demolished by Gamini Dissanayke,just to erase the honest history and put his plaque there and he paid the price for his evil act.Our leaders are trying to distort the histories of countries to gain popularity.
    This is exactly what had happened in Lebanon,Belaruse and many other third world countries. Charles living in France should be aware of this. Sorry I am very busy to go through this and sorry for any errors.

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