What’s the point of commissions? – Ali Sabry
Posted on September 7th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

Minister of Justice President’s Counsel Ali Sabry says that Independent Commissions have created a confusing situation within the country in the past few years.

Speaking at an event held in the Wettamakada area in Kalutara yesterday (06), the Minister said that they have come to serve and not make amendments and write books.

He says that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution is removed to create an environment where the President can work better.

By vesting power with the Police Commission through the 19th Amendment should reduce the number of crimes, he points out.

Did the rate of crimes go up or down with the Independent Police Commission? The Government Analyst’s Department is assigned under me and I have spoken with them.

In 2015, 6,700 drug samples had been brought in. In 2016, 7,900 were brought in. In 2018, 11,000. Last year it was 16,000. There are 14,000 samples brought in by this moment this year.”

Sabry says that providing security for people is more important than appointing commissions.

Is there a point to all these commissions? No point compiling reports. Are we to eat commissions? It is not the commissions that are important but providing security for people.”

Through the 19th Amendment, there were two drivers for the bus. The President and the Prime Minister both ask for power.”

He questions the use of commissions pointing out that the 2019 Easter Sunday attacks could not be prevented despite their 97 intelligence reports available.

The IGP still couldn’t be sacked. The Acting IGP is still there.

What is to be done if an IGP cannot be removed despite obtaining 6,900,000 votes, if an attack cannot be prevented with 90 intelligence reports, if drug-related court cases have gone up to 16,000 from 6,700?

Should we continue making reports? Or should we build this country?

As a responsible Minister, I declare that we, as a government, will not hesitate to take any steps necessary to eradicate terrorism in the country and to protect your children from the drug menace.”

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