People mandated to a new constitution, which must ensure Security, Safety, Law & Order, & Development:Please empower president with full executive powers without delay. -Public
Posted on September 14th, 2020

Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage 

Almost 41 years ago the first president of this country who had a long nose introduced a constitution which he boasted himself that he is capable to do anything in his power as the president, except converting man to a woman and women to man. he belong to present day demised UNP political wing of Sri Lanka.

People well aware the person in the above description. In those days there was a political analysis from well respected politicians of this country.They request not to appoint the above personal to take power of the country. And not to take back the country from the person after all as well. It is because his legacy & ideology will inflict much damage to country. The truth was his constitution was not designed to develop the country, or ensure security, safety, law and order of Sri Lanka. In a nutshell it was not a constitution to build the Sri Lanka our nation want to own. That constitution was made to become himself a little less status of a dictator. Otherwise, we would have been a proud nation in the world map by now. But our nation had the potential to be nation of such a glory in the world stage. Instead above presidents constitution brought curse to our nation. The curse represented in many forms to our country and its beautiful people of Tamils & Sinhalese. Some of them were 30 years long civil war, fragile economy, cultural devastation. During his time of ruling; Prof. Ediriweera Sarathchandra was attached with bicycle chains and dragged on the way, He falsely intervened to judiciary to abolished the civil rights of world first lady premier Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranayake. So that politician was a dictator to our motherland. I will not write down his name because he had done enormous tragedy to our beautiful country. The above person on the stage publicly addressed what is the use of learning history of the country” So the history subject was gradually removed from the books. Today history and anthropology are vital subject to learn because they are creative subjects for new inventions. Apple computers hires engineers who learned history & anthropology those people need for creativity & inventions. Some of the people will agree with me of that rulers rule was disgusting, but others will not, however that was the truth of his rule and legacy. Finally, he died suffering from a simple cold. Over the past yahapalana government his follower Ranil Wickramasinghe did the similar devastation to this country with his colleague Maithree. Both the people must retire from politics of this country and they are already convicted on the people judiciary.

19th amendment created commissions and they have been boasting of that achievement. Even present day speaks of the value of those commissions. But those institutions useless if they failed to protect security of the country. The police chief is held accountable for public security and he failed to deliver his security obligations to public in his capacity as the police chief and he himself had been in favor of politicians. The president cannot terminate his employment due to commissions involvement. Justice ministers came out with statistics the increasing numbers starting from year 2015. Doses the commissions do anything to reduce the increasing numbers? Democracy is not a company for few favoured people of the country. Democracy should be for the deserving people of this country. The commissions and 19th amendment was unable to ensure the safety of this country. Ranil and the gang defending each other for power. I am aware Ranil created a parliamentary committee to investigate Pascu Sunday attach. It was a jolly good investigation to pass time and forgotten the incident and they did that way. What was the outcome? Just after the meeting people in front of the committee of investigation those each other discussing and enjoying coffee in the back.What was the outcome of those cowards in this country? They have been playing games and enjoying the innocent people deaths of the massacre. The investigation was a clear slap on the face of Cardianl Malcom Ranjith. People have seen those videos and So called Fonseka, Ravi Karunanayake, A. Marasinghe was there with others. It was a complete joke for the people of this country. First of all most of those parliamentarians have been convicted in the peoples court doing crimes against the humanity. Eg. Ravi karunanayake  was in the committee as a member. Should he be in any committee of this country?

Arjuna Ranatunga wants Ranil wrickramasinghe to be name as the national list member to current legislative assembly. Arjuna Ranatunga want to be the leader of United National Party as well. I feel so sad about this person. He was a brilliant cricketer of our country. He brought big cricket win to our country. Sri Lankan people respect him a lot as he was the only person who brought that prestige to our nation. There is no doubt about it. In those days he was a national hero t. Then he entered into politics. Mr. Ranatunga it was a mistake that he entered into politics of this country. He needs to understand that he was fallen from a cliff and ruined his entire flushing respect he had earned from the people of this country. Now he is nothing in this country. People who earned respect doing some great performance better to stay and maintain that prestige and away from politics, which he or she doesn’t know in depth. People of this country do have a huge respect to our legendary Muttiah Mulidharan and please stay as the way you are right now and keep your earned respect and don’t let it spoiled by entering into politics of this country. Same tragedy happen to Sanath Jayasooriya. Arjuna Ranatunga never ever help to develop cricket in this country but he critisizied incidence with giving solutions. I believe if he stayed in cricket he would have been a great person in cricket world in this country as well as abroad. I thing he was not capable or he didn’t have such a vibrant personality to be a veteran cricketer after all. 

We urge the government to implement 20th constitutional change and make the way to president to continue his work for the country. People of the country always behind this government. Until the new constitution drafted; executive presidency is a must to this country to remove all the constitutional mockery to be removed which had been introduced by so called Yahapalana regime. Yahapalanaya trying their best to convince people that they won democracy in this country through commissions and introduced a democracy nowhere in this world. But it was not, simply it was a fake gang democracy in the country to satisfy certain interested groups of the country and abroad. Dual citizenship is not a problem to discuss anymore. There is nothing wrong having dual citizenship. Many civilized countries in the world accept dual citizenship and has achieved much development because of those people. For example I want to serve my country in my field of studies, which will be more beneficial to public. If I could do that service that would have been outstanding to deserving people of the country. General public will be benefited out that service in every where of the country. So when it comes to dual citizenship; it need to be find out intention of the personal. Most expatriate want to serve their motherland, and it will be much more progressive to our motherland. I do not understand Harsha de Siva so reluctant to dual citizenship. I personally unhappy of this person as he is not doing to the country out of his academics. He has become a cheap politician in this country. 

Deforesting of wanathavilluwa hurts a lot as I am a person of loving and caring to forest reserves of the country. We have seen in our own eyes person called Abu Bhakkar Insaffe a provincial politician bribing some media people when they actively making photos of the area. We have a minister and so many institutions to protect and nurture the nature but trees have been cut down and vandalized after all has been done media public those pictures. It is heart breaking to see all these, as they are going on with this president’s government. We are quite worried of  national forests devastation. The ministerial intervention to protect them not adequate enough. The person may be punished upon the investigation of cut down trees but with the devastation; the contribution to ecological balanced will never be able to back to normal again. Please introduced heavy fines and life imprisonment for ecological damages of this country. Unfortunately, most of them done by politicians of this country.  These are heinous crimes to the country. If Wanathavilluwa forest reserve was protected and educated people the valued trees would have been protected. It would have been turn to a park of protected trees of scarce trees in world” this could have been the concept to earn money from tourist attraction and earn money. 

Media has surfaced the huge deforestation pictures, and again 5 acres of land has been cut down? Who is responsible for these activities. The forest and wild life minister does media briefing to punish those people who are responsible. But Mr. Minister your primary jobs is protect those forest reserves before cutting them down.  If you are the minister your prime job is to protect them. If you are unable to do so please resign from your job let president to appoint a suitable person to the ministerial position. It is quite sad and you must be regret as the minister has been unable to protect those valuable trees preventing cutting down. It seems like people need to take a different approach to protect our forest reserves. The best way to protect the forest reserves is organize community watch groups. If they were to find out information involving to cut down forest reserves they must complain municipalities & police and the president. I know he is tough on issues of environment. Most information we hear through media quite difficult as most rare but expensive Burutha, Kaluwara trees have being cut down. I believe people involved into such big forest devastation is doing with the political help of the Puttalam district. Please jail those criminals in life time imprisonment without a payroll. Sanath Nishantha Perera says the land which has been cut down trees, E.G Burutha , palu , and Kaluwara belong to deserted and isolated piece of land. This person sometime ago fall into trouble with environmentalist, and the environmentalist lady came up very rightly against him as he was defending the act of forest devastation. This person must be aware when it come to environment; they are sensitive subjects to people. We know this person is lying, and he is undermining the whole heart focused efforts of protection of the environment. The argument here is we accept right live of people but we want accept cutting down trees of the environment and then justifying the act of damaged caused by commenting false claims. The Previous government Bathudeen did same to Wilpattu. This is bad as it is happening again, and we are so unfortunate to experience the environment tragedy with this government as well. Please don’t let forest reserves devastation an incident of Water Gate” to topple the present government of Sri Lanka.    

Dharshana Haundungoda has a typical way of blog presentations. If he is criticizing the government from his point of view; it has to be the view of the general public. Otherwise you will not be able to make a living through your presentations. Love your country, stand for the country when you criticize incidents or people. I remember your discussion with Ranil wickramasinghe, if you were to educate people public and if you were a patriot of country; you could have ask a valid questions, which always right to ask from Ranil Wickramsinghe. The question is this. Do you think Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe the decision to appoint Arjun Mahendran as the governor of central bank was a correct decision in midst of a protest? You could have dig into more question knowing more about him. Unfortunately, you never did it. If you want to make a living from media you need to make sure to be patriot to your country and try to represent people’s honest feelings through media.

The Ranil Maithree wickramasinghe government was not a single entity. There were many people & parties belong to that rule. There were huge media journalist panel campaign parallel to support them. One of the key members of the group was the soft spoken Sarath Wijesooriya, Late Maduluwawe Sobitha, Gamini Weyangoda, Jayampathi wickramaratna with Sumanthiran of constitution council for constitutional change, NGO, Foreign ambassadors of this country, American Embassy, etc. All of those were involved to that rule. They were campaigning democracy and rule & discussions in media. The key people in those discussions were Mr. Janaranjana, Gamini Veyangoda. There was looming instability through out the country Janaranjana, and Gamini Veyangoda, soft spoken Sarath Wijesooriya was trying to convince democracy they achieved over Mahinda Rajapakse government. However, at the same time a huge influx of public at Madamulana, wanting them to come back Mahinda into politics in the country.

Political commentator Chameera Perera at Dawasa program has promoted something which is detrimental to our country. Chameera Perera belong to same   members of the group with late Maduluwawe sobitha who tried to made Rotti” by mobilizing the people against the Rajapakse government. Keerthi Thennakoon alson was commenting against constitutional change. I am surprised of these people are they working for the people of this country or some others. People mandated the government to do the change, and that change is inevitable. I want to highlight Roshan Watawala to promote good things happening in this government.  Igniting and mobilizing public to an unknown freedom is bad, that is not the good practice of media freedom. Please try to identify good things happening in this government & discuss that good activity with a panel of expertise which will be more benefit to people of this country. Sri Lankan media institutions and their media personal need more training on how to identify what is reporting, distinguish good reporting form bad. They always compete with other media channels to gain more ratings only. The defense ministry and forces in full operational to counter & eradicate underworld and drug business and its spreading in the country. Just to let everybody know; 3 decades ago when first heroin addicted person identified the reporting was amazing. I do not remember the name of the reporter. But it was the most informative information to public as we were not aware about habit forming drugs and their abuse. The reporter reported The seed has planted in a fertile soil so we need to be vigilant of its danger to this country”. Please understand how dangerous the underworld and drug use in this country by now. The whole country is falling line with the government effort with unconditional support to eradicate the drug problem and underworld activities in this beautiful country. Please report that everyday if you are falling line with the pulse of the people of this country.

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