Are the Tamils living in this country Indians or Sri Lankans: how long are they going to irritate a Nation like this?
Posted on October 3rd, 2020

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara.Mahanuwara

Govt cannot escape Indian pressure”: Sampanthan TNA Leader  (news item)

This is the latest statement from Sambandan on the ongoing debate about the abolition of the 13th Amendment. Although this is nothing new going by the regular statements and appeals they have made to the Indian Government and the so-called anti-Sri Lankan and anti-Sinhala Buddhist International community. I raised this issue firstly, to open a public debate on this subject and secondly, to draw the serious attention of the Government to put these anti–Sinhala and Anti-Sri Lankan Tamils in their correct place. Thirdly to request both India and International lobbying groups to advice the Tamil politician, to sort out these internal matters with the Government of this country and mind their own business without interfering unnecessarily in our domestic matters.

I also request the general public of this country to tell the Government they have elected to ask these Tamil politicians to think and behave like citizens of this country or get back to their ancestral motherlands without creating unnecessary problems for us. None of these Tamils making  and issuing such traitorous statements, making  representations and appeals to India and the West have voted this Government. In this backdrop it is the government of the country that has to take proper steps to stop this nuisance.

It is high time at least now these mad minorities realize the political realities within this Island nation and learn to co-exist with native Sinhalese without continuing to be a painful thorn in their eyes.

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