An eye opener to all Diplomats, who represent their countries in Sri Lanka and a lesson they all should learn and follow as an axiom of diplomacy.
Posted on October 6th, 2020

Dr Sudath Gunasekara Mahanuwara

We are not here to lecture you but to offer any possible assistance. We are certain that Sri Lanka is capable of choosing what needs to be done. We are ready to extend our cooperation to achieve the development aspirations of Sri Lanka”,

(Seubert and Furgler New Ambassadors to the Federal Republic of Germany and Dominik Furgler Switzerland)

(This is a statement made by the two Diplomats at the Presidential Secretariat when they presented their credentials to  President Gothabhaya Rajapaksa , as reported in CT on 30th Sept 2020 by Gagani Weerakon)

 While I congratulate these two Ambassadors for their outright open diplomacy and candor in recognizing and respecting the Independence and the sovereignty of this country which some diplomats disregard with arrogance and superiority complex treating this country still as one of their underdogs.

Sri Lanka will appreciate it very much if the Diplomats of USA, UK and India also follow suite without trying to throw their weight about in their day to day business in all matters pertaining to our internal affairs on the blind assumption that they represent powerful and superior countries in the world

This attitude of the temporally rich and powerful countries where most of them have become rich and powerful by invading, exploiting and plundering the weak nations with their gun power during the era of global colonial expansion between 15th—18th centuries should stop at least now, I think, this  psychological war They all should go by the axiom that all nations are equal and none is superior by nature and therefore they should learn to respect each other irrespective of colour, creed, race or any other like economic or military  power or riches acquired at the expense of others, at any given time. Because nothing in this world is permanent and everything is subjected to change as Lord Buddha has so explicitly pointed out more than 2500 year ago. Therefore it is high time for a psychological and spiritual transformation that suits the changing times.

Those western countries who overestimate their superiority in all things and continue to indulge in aggression against the weaker countries should first read the concept of Anichchavaata sankaaraa”   (The concept of universal impermanence associated with all transient things) preached by Buddha and also should read  contemporary prophesies  by writers like Samuel Huntingdon The Clash of Civilizations And the remaking of World Order (1997) and ”When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order: by Martin Jacques (2009) before they continue to indulge in aggression against the weaker nations in the world. This applies not only to the Western world but also to all other so-called Great powers like Russia, China and last India our closest neighbor that attempts to keep this country eternally under its control  using all powers at its hands like political, economic and Strategic

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  1. aloy Says:

    Thank you Dr. Sudath for this bold statement. Our problem is that our political leaders underestimate the capabilities of Sri Lankans. When there is a difficult situation we all get togethe and tackle it. We are proud the way our professionals and military leaders handle the present Covid situation without any fear.
    If they are allowed to carry on their duries at all times they can make this country not second to any other.
    The problem is that the third grade politicos overide them for their own advantage. So the best thing is to ignore these self seeking fellows and carry on with their duties. Most importantly this should apply to judiciary.

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