Whither justice for Simple Simeon? Mirrors, Smoke and Screens for the Public!
Posted on October 15th, 2020


15 Oct 20

The nation is being entertained by some circus artistes at the CID. Who are the directors and producer of  this grand illusion?

First it was Rajitha and Ravi K. Then it was Sampayo. These are people who were only a day earlier in the view of the public. When warrants are issued for their arrest they disappear from their palaces – sometimes two three or more around the island. Today it is Rishard Baithudeen’s case. He seems to have disappeared while being protected by a ‘government issue’ police guard. They have ‘arrested’ his cars complete with a haul of illegal firearms. 

As Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero has mentioned the ‘little boy who came carrying a ‘silly silly’ bag to Putlam’ now owns thousands of acres of land, several palaces around the island and businesses. Is there any score of how this ‘innocent youth’ of yesteryear came to own so much wealth? The warrants on issue are for a simple crime of transporting voters using public transport – damage to the public a mere Rs 9.5 Million! 

This is only rat shit compared to what he had been doing deforesting WiIlpattu, handling the Muslim displaced, and all of his handling of several government ministries / institutions. All this is now unravelling before the Presidential Commissions of Inquiry that such benevolence towards him happened only in the garb of placating the all powerful minorities, in this case the Muslims and their benefactors in the Middle East. It will be a whole different picture if the whole dung heap is properly unearthed!

What a fiasco, sleight of hand and a magic show all this is complete with smoke, mirrors and screens! Are all this for them to appear a few days later in the company of powerful lawyers who will make them appear as day old innocent babes in diapers! 

As all these are educated people of standing, and presently standing parliamentarians now before the public being investigated for various charges ranging from fraud, moneylaundering, aiding and abetting terrorism they are duty bound to give themselves up to the law enforcing authorities voluntarily. This is not happening. Even when they are caught there doesn’t seem to be any retribution for their absconding. Today Rajitha S, Ravi K goes about as if nothing happened although the cases against them are still being investigated. Sampayo was given a hug and a kiss when he ‘surrendered himself’ to the ‘law enforcing friends’!

What irks the public is that the cases against them are taking for ever and a day. Ordinary simple Simeon gets arrested and put behind the bars with little time lost. In the instance of Ravi K’s money laundering case, he was not discharged after being absolved of all charges against him. It was a mere technicality of a wrong date in a document. The case should have been prosecuted to its conclusion. Even after 5 years now there is no justice to this money laundering case involving LTTE and Tamil Diaspora funds. 

It is only the other day an innocent villager came out after spending years behind bars for travelling without a ticket! The Lord Almighty Judges dole out judgements even if a person sneezes in their cobweb covered seemingly dirty palaces of justice smelling of many years old illicit liquor! They even hand out death sentences for getting a much wanted promotion before retiring! 

We implore the justice system in Sri Lanka to prosecute at least one case serially and get one of these big wigs behind bars so that the public can be confident that the wheels of law enforcing is seen to be turning to the benefit of the people who are supposed to be sovereign and not the Judiciary! Every time the hearing of a case is postponed it happens by several months! Eventually cases gets dragged for several years and away from public interest. This is not so for the average Simeon! 

Otherwise it will be just mirrors, smoke and screens and a disappointing circus of appearing and disappearing monsters and ghosts for the citizens of Sri Lanka. The Law Enforcement should not only appear but also actually seen to be delivering Justice!

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