Posted on October 23rd, 2020


First year of President Gotabaya Rajapakse is almost coming to an end. Firstly he had to work without a parliament, then Covid 19 followed by 19A,

The poor performers of the government in the first year had a field day during the period without parliament.  Then these inefficient Ministers used Covid 19 as an excuse for not performing. The President need  a team of committed, loyal men and women to whom he can delegate tasks confidently.

But,  we have seen the emergence of toothless tigers in the cabinet attempting to become lions during the period of 20 amendment.  The attitudes of Wimal Weerawanga, Udaya Gammanpila, Vidura Wickremanayake, Vasudeva Nanayakkara  were despicable, as they made the firing shots to awaken TNA, Tamil diaspora, NGOs, anti-government social media,  Muruththethuwe Ananda Thero, Elle Gunawansa Thero, Medagoda Sumanatissa Thero ( much low key player), Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero and remanants of UNP/SJB. .   Especially  Wimal Weerawansa’s actions  were unacceptable. His actions against the 20A had nothing to do with the promises made to the public during the elections.  But his actions were mainly due to fact that he was annoyed with Basil Rajapakse for two main reasons viz.  introduction of Dr Sarath Weerasekera  to Colombo District, which eroded his ambition to score the highest number of preferential votes.  Secondly Wimal was extremely annoyed when SLPP ( BASIL) fielded 4 pohottuwa candidates to the Kaduwela District, the main vote bank of Wimal. If Wimal decided either to abstain or vote against the 20A, his party position would have been similar to that of the Rauf Hakeem. The government’s readiness with a back-up has  now been demonstrated.

However, Mahinda Rajapakse was able to persuade the President to appoint Wimal as the Minister of Industries, a position technically should be given to a qualified, experienced, knowledgeable person with commercial negotiation skills.  

In less than 3 months from the general election, Wimal has tarnished his political standing.   Undoubtedly the President has lost faith in him.    The attitude displayed by Minister Wimal was a blessing in disguise, as hierarchy has been able to identify the true nature and colour of this former JVP  politician. 

The President has already made a public announcement that  the biggest problem of the country is that no one  is working”.  This includes his Cabinet Ministers as well. The lack of commitment to the given tasks, but eagerness to get involved on issues outside your own portfolio by some Cabinet Ministers, unfortunately compels  the President to get involved to monitor  the WORK IN PROGRESS, as the Ministers are hibernating.

Sajith Premadasa who has worked extremely hard single= handedly, brought in Diana Gamage to politics, made her the Assistant Secretary of his new Party, elevated her to the rank of a  National List MP by-passing several key personnel and  in less than 3 months she  betrayed the Party Leader!  

It is always better to identify the loyalists as against the snakes under the grass. 

The value of a Dual Citizenship need to be demonstrated to the country, by recruiting Mr Basil Rajapakse to the Cabinet of Ministers, immediately. This Clause must remain in the new constitution going forward. 

There are compelling reasons to bring on Basil Rajapakse as a Minister Without Portfolio, as quickly as possible, to straighten out lacklustre, non-performing  passengers in the Ministry.  

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