Mike Pompeo you are not welcome, if you come to tell us who we should have as friends.
Posted on October 27th, 2020

Charles S.Perera

Last time we had a US Secretary of State  was John Kerry, who came to rejoice the change of regime in Sri Lanka to which the USA  had  generously distributed 485 million dollars among Sri Lanka, Burma and Nigeria to re establish democracy. 

It is no secret that there was also a presence  of  Secret Service Personnel from the USA, UK and India during the 2015 Presidential election in Sri Lanka working behind the scenes to make a success of USA efforts of putting developing countries  into political peril by its strategic regime change policy.  

Though USA rejoiced that change of regime for which it had contributed generously, the Sri Lankan people suffered the loss of a freedom and democracy  which it had recovered in 2009 after defeating a ruthless terrorism that had lasted for 30 years. 

USA in reality rejoiced in the change of  regime in Sri Lanka which allowed them to have a  foothold  on the strategically precious country for them to check the growing importance of China in the South Asian region. That had not been possible throughout the period  President Mahinda Rajapaksa was running the country.

The  American re establishment of democracy as John Kerry announced made Sri Lanka poorer than it was before the Presidential election in  2015. It took  four and a half years for Sri Lanka to have fresh presidential  elections  to  have hopes of rising above the  situation the Yahapalanaya Government which John Kerry  had established had dumped the country into an economic growth of 2.6 which is less than even that of Afghanistan. 

Despite a pandemic that hit the country, the election of Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the President of Sri Lanka  gave the people new hope for development which will  bring the country back to what it had been before the  American sponsered change of regime and re establishment of John Kerry’s democracy in 2015.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa with his wise political maneuvers  and correct administrative and personnel management was able to keep the pandemic at bay with only 13 deaths, until recently after the mysterious Brandix Cluster. The mystery deepens when one notes that the visit of Mike Pompeo  the US Secretary of State almost  coincides with the  Brandix Cluster reaching dangerously  causing concern of it stretching into a  community spread. 

The Brandix Cluster causes serious concern as how it began and where it began remains wrapped in mystery. Has it been introduced  purposely by an unknown agent to  bring disrepute to the Government, seeking  to re establish John Kerry’s democracy that changed its form in 2016 ? 

During the last 4 and half years Sri Lanka was fast losing its sovereignty,  and only saw negative forces trying to make Sri Lanka a failed state.  There were Singapore Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreements, SOFA, ACSA, etc.  which were not in the interest of Sri Lanka.  There is another Agreement the MCC which the people of Sri Lanka has said is  not in the interest of Sri Lanka and the signing of which should be refused by the peoples’ government that came into effect in November 2019 or even by any government in future.

While the previous US Secretary of State John Kerry  came to rejoice  the  re establishment of democracy by setting up the Yahapalanaya Government, the people refused to accept it, but they were trapped by the Amendment19 of the Constitution to suffer it, until the end of four and a half years.   

The present  US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has on the other hand come with a message  that We urge Sri Lanka to make difficult but necessary decisions to secure its economic independence for long-term prosperity, and we stand ready to partner with Sri Lanka for its economic development and growth,….” stated  by Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Dean Thompson replying to  a question posed to him about  Sri Lanka’s  growing relationship with China.

Unfortunately Sri Lanka cannot give up its old friend for new friends. As Sri Lanka is following a non aligned foreign policy it would accept any assistant from any country provided there are no conditions attached to such offers. If America stands ready to partner with Sri Lanka for its economic development and growth, Sri Lanka may consider such partnership and accept such offers only if it does not demand exclusive partnership  in Sri Lanka’s  economic development and growth. 

Sri Lanka had gone through a difficult period of thirty years when it was battered by a ruthless terrorism.  Early during the terrorism the President J.R.Jayawardhana who was well known as great friend of America  and for that very same reason called Yanky Dickey”, believed his friendship with America will stand as a safety net in case of any serious prolitical problems.  But the necessity of the safety net he believed in arose  when  the terrorists were besieged by the government forces, and India forced Sri Lanka’s airspace to drop dry ration to the besieged terrorists. 

India did not stop at that but  promised to disarm the terrorists if Sri Lanka would  Constitutionally guarantee  establishing provincial  Councils in all Provinces.  Unfortunately President J.R.Jayawardhana’s  American Friends- his expected safety net,  turned their backs on him and the President had to give into the demands of India.

Thereafter, America did not come to the help of Sri Lanka in its military operations against the terrorists. But America was more helpful to the terrorists. The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking about  the Sri Lanka terrorists said that all terrorists cannot be lumped together”.  She also accused the Sri Lanka army for using rape as an arm against terrrorism, without any evidence to support her statement.

There was also the American Ambassador in Sri Lanka  who was later the Assistant Secretary for Asian Affairs Robert O’Blake , who opposed military operations against Terrorists, and insisted on a political solution.  During the height of military operations against terrorists Robert O’ Blake was doing a lecture tour in South India  condemning the government of Sri Lanka  for the choice of a military solution against terrorism. That helped the terrorists gaining stronger support from India  and Sri Lanka had few friends to turn to during that time. Fortunately. China, and Pakistan  was then always there to help Sri Lanka.

Again, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during those difficult period of terrorism never sympathised with the government of Sri Lanka , but was ready to help the terrorists who for her were freedom fighters.  Hillary Clinton  even paid a state visit to Jayalalitha the Chief Minister of South India who was supporting the terrorists in Sri Lanka.

America was even ready to send a warship to receive the terrorist leaders of Sri Lanka which did not materialise due to the  great political leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa,  and the support of his Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa who thwarted such efforts to rescue the terrorist leaders initiated by the foreign Secretaries of UK and France. 

The USA  was not a ready partner at those difficult  times to help us either with our military operations against terrorists ( except providing vital military information), or offer did not come to help Sri Lanka at that time to partner with Sri Lanka for its economic development and growth”.

Well  Secretary of State Mr. Mike Pompeop that’s how America had helped”Sri Lanka  during those difficult times. But then we had friends to help us without conditions attached. 

And those friends are friends of Sri Lanka who cannot be dropped because someone comes around now to show sympathy to us.  It is up to America to help us but without any conditions about who our friends should be and who our friends should not be.   We also cannot sign any agreements if  such agreements will put in stake  our sovereignty,  to become a country obeying another State because it is rich and powerful. 

4 Responses to “Mike Pompeo you are not welcome, if you come to tell us who we should have as friends.”

  1. Vaisrawana Says:

    Well said, Mr Charles S. Perera. But see what this Austin Fernando fellow is saying: https://island.lk/beyond-constitutional-politics-and-polemics/. He is not worried about burly bully Pompeo’s visit. The photograph of Pompeo’s triumphalist fist bump greeting with Kenneth Juster, the American ambassador in India reproduced in The Island today (October 28, 2020) tells a lot about the real intentions behind the US State Sec’s visit in the region: it is a premature veni vidi vici.

    To the dullest idiot who has had a fluke chance to have served in a foreign country as an ambassador of a sovereign nation, it should be clear that Pompeo is even exceeding the limits of interventionism in Sri Lanka. He is blatantly violating the country’s sovereignty; he INTERFERING in our internal and external affairs. But this dumbass Fernando is pointing the finger at China for pledging support for SL at international forums in the face of America bullying her. Fernando says the Chinese are guilty of intervention in SL! It was Austin Fernando, when he was governor of the Eastern Province during the cursed yahapalanaya, who allowed ahmed nazir as CM to insult a senior navy officer, a war hero, with impunity.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!

    Still, very sublime words as always – the words Democracy, Human Rights, Accountability, Responsibility and Reconciliation seems to dictate the narrative. These are the very ideals of the Christian West that they themselves so unashmedly violate from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam to Middle East and elsewhere too innumerable to site here, that they come to preach to us. These are the very notions on which they impose all too important sanctions on less powerful nations at their will and pleasure.

    However to date these high fluenting ideals have not advanced one bit the status of the poor around the world other than making the rich richer and the poor poorer. These ideals have lead to making 1% own the wealth of the 99%! These very ideals have failed to bring food or shelter to the poor. So far they have remained just – eye wash to fool the easily fooled – that is all.

    This is now evident around the world – On the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic these preachers of Justice have utterly failed to protect their own people let alone anyone else as has been seen throughout the Western Christian world and those countries who follow their ways of life!

    Sri Lanka has been a geographical and political entity far longer than these Johnny Come Latelys. There is wisdom in our DNA to stay independent. Let us steel ourselves to weather the storms ahead and let the President on whom the majority have laid their faith on, guide the Nation through these difficult times. May the President and his administration have the courage and determination to stay the course and not diminish our proud history as a Sovereign and Independent Nation.

  3. Nimal Says:

    All countries that include US are welcomed in the island as long as they don’t interfere with the sovereignty of the country but all are welcome to set up business to create jobs and exports but no schemes that bribes the politicians in power.Definitly no military bases in the island.

  4. Nimal Says:

    I think Bush administration did helped us to fight the terrorist war with intelligence and with some naval vessels. I think our air force personal were trained in US.US also jailed a Tamil business man who had links with the separatists. So must give them credit when it is due.

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