Globalization- The Witching Web Spun to Lure Trap and Breakdown Third World Nation States Exterminate Millions and Enslave the Surviving
Posted on January 20th, 2021

By The Sri Lanka Study Circle 

Globalisation unmasked 

Globalisation has resulted in Third World Nations, inveigled into debt and encouraged to take decisions that have made their food-chains vulnerable and the Nations themselves, dependent on the globalists for their physical survival. 

COVID 19, has unmasked the evil face of Globalisation that had been deliberately concealed and, exposed it for what it is.  

COVID 19, in a globalised scenario, threatens the very survival of those living in Third World countries. If they survive, their existence as freemen is in jeopardy and the continued independence of the countries they live in, is at stake.  

Globalisation in a nutshell 

According to news reports, the cost of COVID 19 vaccine, to cover the entire population of Sri Lanka, is 10 Billion SLR. Sri Lanka has sought a loan from the World Bank, for this purpose. 

Nobody in this world, as reported, really understands how this virus behaves and how it would manifest itself in the future. There is reasonable doubt that the vaccine may not be effective against any mutations of the virus.  

If this were the case, Sri Lanka after inoculating herself against the virus, may find herself back in square one, this time however with increased fatalities, infections, unemployment, starvation and crime; education and the economy, presently dislocated and limping, would perhaps suffer irreversible harm and, to boot, with a 10 Billion SLR Sovereign debt on her head. 

What happens if there were to be an outbreak of COVID 25 or COVID 50?  

The Sovereign debt would rise by another 10 Billion and another 10 Billion and so on until we do not have the financial strength, to even borrow.  

Without money there would be no vaccine and without vaccine people would be literally dying like dogs on the streets; further, without basic needs such as, food, employment, health and education the country would be plunged into a state of anarchy and be ripe for the picking by global powers that have set their sights on the island. 

The New Normal for Third World Countries 

If there is no food on the table, people can never survive let alone surviving the virus. 

If, however, there is food for every Sri Lankan mouth, the Nation and her people can survive COVID or any other germ that may assail the world in the future.  

By isolating the island from the rest of the world, the chances of a new strain of the virus infecting the population can be reduced; in military parlance, measures need to be taken to ‘interdict the Island’ or in COVID parlance, ‘lock-down the country’.  

Any new COVID cases that may penetrate our health ‘defences’, subsequently, and the prevailing cases in the island can be ably handled by our medics; any essential travel into or out of the island can be regulated and well managed. 

This is the ‘New Normal’ for Third World countries during and in the post-COVID era, a template outside the Globalisation model: Insulate the country, grow all our food requirements and make the country self-sufficient in our other basic needs such as clothing, health, education and shelter. This will ensure that all Sri Lankans survive the COVID and other possible biological bombs that may be released on us, in the future. 

Dingo Gonsalkorale howls for the diabolic New Normal of the Globalists 

The architects of Globalisation are puffing their own version of a diabolic ‘New Normal’; this version demands that Third World Nations continue operating within the existing framework of Globalisation -rules that intone the mantra of ‘borrowing – debt – poverty’.  

And recruited to push this agenda of the money lenders are the scavenging jackals, like Dingo Gonsalkorale, who follow the predator greedily for a morsel of his killing. Dingo is listed as a favourite of the money lenders; he intersperses his litany with some irrelevant and banal platitudes in typical FFO (Foreign Funded Organisation) fashion, all the time mindful however of the Money lender’s agenda.  

These scavengers, who have renounced their motherland, have followed the predator hungrily to the many lands that were raped; now, they are howling for a New Constitution for Sri Lanka which will enable the predator to do the same.

If a country were to slavishly follow the fiendish advice of the globalists, she would be conned into the ‘herd immunisation’ trap where only the fittest of the population will surely survive COVID; it would also result in large numbers being decimated by hunger, other diseases and anarchy. 

Globalists call for the culling of the Third World population 

The globalists have, for long, been votaries of the obnoxious Malthusian theories; they are on record that the world is overpopulated by about a billion people and needs to be culled, starting with the old, the infirmed and the ‘unwanted’. They have also called for a New World Order in which there would be just one Government for the entire world.    

People in Nations, whose Governments are conned into accepting the ‘New-Normal’ of the globalists, are condemned to a situation in which many of them would die horribly on the streets; the Globalists, almost as a benevolent gesture, have promised to provide these Nations with bare-bones of survival, on terms and conditions laid out by the globalists. 

One World Government – A Globalist dream of a World Dictatorship 

A world with one Government, a dream of the Globalists and planned by the Globalists nearly nine decades ago, has come to near fruition; a world ruled by the Globalist Mafia, with a hierarchy of workers at their beck and call, some of whom could be classified as modern-day slaves.  

Sovereignty, Nation States, National Boundaries, Trade Unions, human-families as we understand them, would be a thing of the past. Each human being will be a cog to be organised and regulated as per the rules of the Mafia. 

Brilliant, how the Globalists have come thus far, almost unnoticed.  

Globalisation was a deadly web, spun by the White Spider, to attract, lure and trap Third World Nations in its sticky net. Attracted by the glistening web, Third World Nations, flew almost blindly into the trap. They are stuck and are struggling to free themselves while the White Spider inches menacingly forward to devour them at will. Third World Nations must act concertedly, NOW, to tear-up the web of globalisation and wrench themselves free, if they hope to survive.                                                                                             

Globalisation and the food-chain 

In Sri Lanka, the destruction of our agricultural infrastructure and the crippling of our ability to wholly feed ourselves was, in hindsight, one of the prime objectives of Globalisation; globalisation achieved in causing the destruction of the irrigation systems, the poisoning of the soil, water and food and the affliction of many with life threatening diseases. Above all, it caused agriculture to be unprofitable for farmers.  

Today, approximately seventy percent of the country’s food requirements, all of which can be grown here, are imported.  

With the many cogs in the food-chain penetrated, all that remains for the globalists, to strangle the country completely, is to physically take control of the land. This is being done at breakneck speed with the acolytes of the globalists taking measures that will facilitate the Privatisation of Government Land, comprising 86% of the country.  

With Globalisation, the contextual meaning of land was changed; it was chiseled into the collective id of Third World countries that Land is just another commodity, to be hawked to the highest bidder; the notion that Land was the sacred provider of food, so vital for our life, was erased from our collective mind. 

In the context of this background, the vulnerability of the people to COVID is strikingly evident. 

Wrenching away Sri Lanka from the death trap that is Globalisation 

If the Sri Lanka Government has the will and inclination to organise the country to grow all her food requirements, store and preserve excess supplies of food grown, organise sufficient retail outlets for the sale of food grown and make efficiently available the food at these retail outlets, every single person will have food in his belly and can survive the economic ill-effects of COVID.

This study circle explained clearly how this can be done, at virtually no cost to the Government, by simply printing ‘Monopoly-type’ money’ and distributing this ‘Monopoly-money’ monthly (say Rs. 30,000/=), at no cost, to each and every family; this money can only can be used to purchase food. (vide              

Money lender laws in a Money-lender world  

We live today in a world where the money lenders (the poli mudalalis) call the shots.   

The business objective of any money-lender is to make a profit by lending money. If a Country or an individual already has money, ‘the-doing-business-index’, for the money lender, in such a situation would be very low.  

The money-lender therefore needs to improve the doing-business-index, to make money; when he creates a situation that would make the country poor, the doing-business index rises. The money-lender creates poverty because he thrives and wallows, only in a bog of poverty. 

The World Bank – The World’s Biggest Money Lender (Poli Mudalali) 

The World Bank, a creation of the globalists, is the world’s biggest money lender; it (or its constituent members) has created situations, globally, in which countries find themselves short of money and therefore are forced to borrow. Subsequently when it lends, it does so on conditions, that mire the borrower into deeper debt.  

Trapped by the Money Lenders the American people suffocate, 

The American people’s tragedy with the money lenders began in 1913; it was in that year that a cartel of money-lenders in the US took control of America; they formed a private Company, the Federal Reserve, which by an Act of legislation was made the Central Bank of America, appointing it as the ultimate US financial policy maker and giving it the sole authority to print money for the US Government.  

The Federal Reserve, in addition to printing money, lent money to the US Government.  

Today, the American people owe this cartel of money lenders, nearly 30 Trillion US Dollars, about 99 percent of the American government income.  

To pay the money-lending Mafia the annual interest on this debt, approximately 575 Billion USD, the US government is forced to borrow; and again, from the money lenders. 

Every new born American baby has a mill stone of a 50,000/= Dollar debt around his neck, at the time of his birth.   

With their financial clout, the money-lending Mafia has absolute control of the two political parties in that country and it is the money-lenders policies that are effected through the Republican and Democratic Parties. 

The Money Lenders set their sights on the world 

With their success in the US, in taking control of the peoples’ lives, the money lenders set their sights on the world.  

In 1930 the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the Central Bank of all Central Banks, was established; the Federal Reserve and the leading money lenders in Europe were the prime movers; the BIS established a global banking order. 

In 1941 a desperate Britain, with its Army in disarray following the route at Dunkirk the year before, wilted to the blackmail of the US; in response to British pleas for the US to enter WW2 on its side, the USmoney lenders made no bones about the terms and conditions of their entry.  

At a secret meeting with Roosevelt on the Atlantic, Churchill agreed to give independence to all British colonies at the end of the war, the essence of the Atlantic Charter 

Following this assurance, the US money lenders immediately set about creating the infrastructure needed for a New World Order which they described as, a World with one Government’.  

From the time of the Atlantic charter to 1947, the money lenders created a Global Monetary Order (the Bretton Wood system), a Global Trading Order (WTO, previously known as GATT), a Global Parliamentary system (the UN General Assembly), a Global Executive system (the UN Security Council), a Global short- term money-lending agency (the IMF), a Global auditing agency (again, the IMF), a Global long-term money-lending agency, (the World Bank previously known as the IBRD); all this, atop the Global Banking Order established  through the BIS at Basel. 

The Federal Reserve manipulated the US Dollar to be the global currency. The constituents of the Federal Reserve are key players in the World Bank.  

The spectre of a world held to ransom by an evil ogre subjecting the people to death and slavery, has been the subject of a myriad of authors, giving expression to their imagination.   

Alas, this is no longer a fantasy. It appears that a rogue Nation has unleashed a biological bomb. 

And all the while, the world made an erroneous assumption that exclusive ‘Weapons Club Members’ can never be rogue Nations! (‘Club Members’ are permitted to retain their destructive arsenal while non-members are not permitted to acquire the technology to manufacture these weapons of exclusivity on the assumption that they may be rogue Nations).   

Today, a rogue Nation, in possession of a doomsday germ, is threatening to unleash death on the world, if its demands are not met; that rogue nation is controlled by a Money-Lending mob.  

Ukraine and the US collude to produce and spread COVID 19? 

Location of Eleven deadly US Bio-laboratory sites in Ukraine


 April 25, 2020  

On April 23rd the US Embassy in Ukraine acknowledged that there are biological laboratories in Ukraine that are under the control of the Pentagon. 

The statement of diplomats came after an open letter from people’s deputies about the 

Sri Lanka, controversially, is getting down tourists from Ukraine at a time she should be breaking away from the globalisation trap, locking down the country from the rest of the world, producing all our food requirements, exhorting our fellow members in the Non-Aligned Movement to do likewise and leading the demand at the UN to investigate and censure, if necessary, the US Government for producing biological weapons, despite being a signatory to the BWC (Biological Weapons Convention).  

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