Hi Ambassador Teplitz , the Black living in the USA too matter
Posted on January 21st, 2021

Ranjith Soysa

The US Ambassador patronizingly speaks of 1955 UDHR and advise Sri Lanka to respect the dead. But, in USA the black living are subjected to ridicule and at times violence as screened to the world especially during the last 12 months Black Lives Matter demos.

It was reported in December 2020 how a black US doctor died due to alleged racist hospital care. Dr Moore who died due to the racism said this is how black people get killed. When you send them home and they do not know how to fight for themselves”. It is said that the virus has disproportionately affected black minority communities in the US and Black Americans are three times more likely to die than White Americans.

US Ambassador, heal thyself FIRST

Ranjith Soysa

7 Responses to “Hi Ambassador Teplitz , the Black living in the USA too matter”

  1. Nimal Says:

    Good luck to you M/S Teplitz,if you are leaving your post in SL.I must say I am grateful to the Americans,especially to the American Peace corp who had their home at the top of the hill at Dramaraja collage Kandy.The day JFK was killed,we were listening to VOA, on his motorcade and it was a very sad day for all of us.I will never forget one of his sayings,’Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country’. That is in me and my life all the time.I too leaned from the peace corp how well they kept their toilets so clean,no flies or skid marks.I am too grateful to Professor Dunham and Professor Cruz who were at Peradeniya University. I greatly leaned from them.
    I persuaded an American,one MR Challnor Chute from NC to stay in SL and invest,which he did and I was only 17 years old.Mr Chute set up 3 textile factories,where every textile machine was duplicated from a foreign machine. Getting the parts made or machined was a terrible task for me as our machine shop(lath) people never work to our exact specifications. Earlier I had the same problem with subcontractors doing the water supply dam in Kandy and I am ever grateful to the Danish engineer who guided me and the local contractors resented me for telling them what to do because I was only 15 years old.Sadly our standards of workmanship was very much below the acceptable standards and I notice that daily here in London with the two Srilankans working for me.
    While working for my friend in Colombo I frequent the US embassy almost daily and made many friends there,it was so open,unlike now.Sadly our friend there one Mr Harrington was asked to see that Mr Chute was kicked out of the country because he wanted to manufacture a fungicide.
    I was so saddened by Chute’s departure I left for UK,educated and worked as a telecoms engineer,was part of the team that was involved in transformation from analog to digital.I put my self in the front to once again to work with the Americans where I was involved with the embassy and US Navy doing many projects that included the secured lines of the Presidents that visited UK.I went to unbelievable lengths to get the work done,even at my own time(unpaid) to complete the job and that determination to achieve at any cost and any length had made me a rich man.
    I have my disagreements with US where she is unnecessarily getting involved in other countries,destabilizing the regions at the same time.Your policies in the Middle East is questionable.With all your intelligence service,didn’t realize that DeGalle(France) undermined your efforts in Vietnam and then in MiddleEast.You upset De Galle by setting up the SETO and CIA HQ in Tehran where the French had a foot hold and they were very jealous of your intrusion to their sphere of influence,the reason why they incubated Ayatholla Kumai in France set him out in Iran and the rest is history.They too didn’t like your presence in Lebanon where you had the highest fatalities in one day.France is too historically attached to that area,the reason Marcon came to Lebanon immediately after that resent explosion.
    What you did in Iraq and Libya is terrible.Now hopefully the new administration in US will give some relief to the suffering Yamanis and Palestinians and read the riot act on Israel.

  2. Gunasinghe Says:

    Nimal, Wishful thinking. New administration wont do a thing to change anything. Hilary’s gang already started meddling SL affairs (Blake at State department). We will have a terrible time with new administration.

  3. Charles Says:

    Barrack Obama also came as President hoping to change American thinking. But he did nothing extraordinary. Can we trust Democrats to change now to establish peace in the world without claiming leadership, challenging China and Russia ? It would be good if the Aged President p

  4. Charles Says:

    Barrack Obama also came as President hoping to change American thinking. But he did nothing extraordinary. Can we trust Democrats to change now to establish peace in the world without claiming leadership, challenging China and Russia ? It would be good if the Aged President paves the way for America to live peacefully with all nations in the world, accepting their differences.

  5. Nimal Says:

    I doubt any of the regimes in WH will ever help the third world unless for some gain. I would respect if they not seek the extradition of Julian Asange.He did a great job exposing a terrible killing in Iraq.
    Still US is good enough for people to go there and live. Today I saw a terrible documentary about their law enforcement people incarcerating innocent people after forcing them to make a false confession. This will never happen in UK.
    I was very sad to see Gaddafi being killed like dog and the Clinton woman boasting about it.Regime change will make no difference like old wine in a new bottle, yet I like so much about USA,like their Westerns,Cinama,space programs and their contributions to science and technology
    . They kept us young excited and going, especially there was not the TV,etc.
    When they invented the laser at MIT and I was quick enough to make my own in Kandy with the use of a gem stone lent to me,took me a lot of time to partially mirror the opposite sides of the stone, created a short burst sadly my power supply gave up.US peace corp was really helpful where I was crazy enough make electricity out of a plant full of lemons. They helped me to get down silver iodide for my rain making rocket, which rose to a height of 1850 ft,and the rain fell about 5 miles away from the launching site.Very few of us were that ambitious and adventures as all my life I mingled with the progressive foreigners. My first girl friend was an Iranian who is now a top scientist like her brother.

  6. aloy Says:

    Your lengthy comments, specially the last para indicates that you are an interesting personality; trying to make electricity out of lemon is a crazy idea indeed. Perhaps it would be possible to make electricity out of every leaf on a tree. It seems the roots of trees dissolves silica in the soil and transport to the leaf where it helps to synthesize suns energy. It seems the shape of the crystals determine the tree’s properties. I sent the link to an article on how that happens but LW did not publish it.

    Anyway all the best to you. Its never too late.

  7. Nimal Says:

    It is possible to make electricity out of a lemon tree.We first experimented by making the acid out of the lemons and inserted piece of copper and a piece of Zinc and those two made a battery,creatred a small emf.We then damaged the separations in the lemon fruit and inserted the two metals,several lemons in series where the emf generated lit a small bulb.I too made a thermocouple heated by a candle,where the hot and cold part of the metal generated an emf.
    Then we made our own rocket fuel(solid) and the most difficult ingredient was the nitrate which was made out of chicken dung.I can’t go further on this as the terrorists would use this…I too tried to make my helicopter with a Wespa motorcycle engine mounted on a crate. I rose to about 10 feet, sadly I with the crate was turning the other way, almost injuring my three friends who was standing by.Went to Colombo and ask my marine friends why I was turning the other way and they asked me if I had a counter rotor that that is in line with the second law of physics, action and reaction equal and opposite. I tried to make a counter rotor with the machine parts of an old mill, couldn’t perfect it,my dearest friend left for AUS,now a nuclear scientist and sadly I went to Colombo made friends with an American to set up a textile factory..

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