ECT and CDL in the Colombo Harbour -an analogue
Posted on January 22nd, 2021


Colombo dockyard previously a part of the port commission was owned by Sri  Lanka Ports Authority which was offered to a Japanese company called Onomichi Dockyard where 51 % ownership was transferred lot stock and barrel with two docks and fully equipped and skilled workforce with fully-fledged workshops  in the eighties to a close to 3.5 million dollars by then UNP government 

When the share transfer took place, there was no lease agreement for the 13-acre portland with assets which was later given at 2 million Rs per month by the government of CBK when Ashcroft was the minister, for 30 years extendable to 60 years 

It was a real bargain for the Japanese investor but Sri Lanka benefited by having a pioneer shipbuilding industry developed to an unprecedented  scale under Sri  Lankan Top management with the Japanese overseeing the operations 

The property belonging to SLPA was never sold neither ownership transferred to the Japanese but a simple lease agreement with the port is in place similarly the Government should first form a private-public partnership for ECT and offer shares to port workers like the same way  Colombo dockyard did during the tenure of DBW as the President  when the writer was the CEO /MD who met him personally with the leader of UNP led trade union 

Similarly, Adani group can be given 49% with a management contract like Onomichi which is  charging around 400000$ per month to pay salaries of Japanese staff -four in full

During DBW’s time, the writer met him personally and convinced that the 10% of the shares of the Dockyard shall be vested to workers as stipulated in the investment agreement which was carried out using shares owned by banks 

Today Dockyard has become an internationally known efficiently run shipbuilding yard placing them in an envious position in Asia

As far as I know, there were no irregular transactions underhand though there were speculations 700 million  dollars to be paid by Adani Group to be transferred which can be called either a Premium or Key Money  to the treasury for national needs during these difficult times where 10 % shares can be offered to port workers free of charge and some more to local investors Adani can manage like dockyard does and take away their 49% profit without deducting initial 700000 $ investment  but they can bring much-needed transshipment business from India SAGT and CICT are run in the same way but Port workers are protesting against ECT privatization because they will lose additional income usually earn by underhand methods like the way they carry out every operation in the port today where in 10 or more locations where containers of goods pass thru at the checking points, the  drawer of side cupboard of the tally clerk or security is left  open where they expect 100 rs to be dropped by clearing agents Buddhist monks should only get involved in meditation rather than mediation and also they should do the propagation of religion instead of holding press conferences where they offer to die.

TV stations should spend more time and money rather than show press conferences by monks and trade unions like they now they run programs like Lakshapathi for people to enjoy during this Corona times 


Ex CEO Colombo Dockyard 

2 Responses to “ECT and CDL in the Colombo Harbour -an analogue”

  1. Gunasinghe Says:

    Sarath, It is well known fact that corruption associated with some of the workers in the port terminal. All of sudden patriotism came to these workers. I think there is a big conspiracy behind these protests. As you say monks should be in the business of preaching Dharmma.

  2. aloy Says:

    Sarath, as a long time contributor to this site you may have your own reasons for the above suggestion you are making here. It looks as if as a Colombo man you have not had the opportunity read our long and painful past history. Even in recent times when bombs were exploding in Colombo, kind courtesy India, where were you?. The thirty year war was planned, funded and terrorist trained by none other than India. Their planning did not start in 70s, but early sixties. I used to read in Silumina about armed men walking in groups carrying communication equipment in their backs in the border villages. So, even this move is part of a big plan. What they could not get via guns they are trying to achieve by so called investments.
    Besides, the whole of India’s farmers and some others around world are agitating against this very company that you are recommending for the deal. You must be dreaming or completely out of sense. Why?.

    Yes, there may be corrupt monks; there may be yellow robes who would even stand behind a corrupt man like RW who lost even his seat. We have seen two monks (Rathana and Galaboda Aththe) who seem to have lost directions and fallen for the filthy lucre. But I believe vast majority of them are still trying to guide the rulers as they have done from time immemorial. It is their duty to preserve the religion (or the philosophy which is the sublime truth).

    We may never get H’tota port back unless there will be calamity when there will be big fight on our island among big powers.
    This is a time when we must take decisions carefully not allowing citizens to get divided among themselves and create chaos as that would be an ideal opportunity for minorities to invites big powers to walk in.

    RAW is the most secretive organization that interferes in our affairs. There are numerous agent receiving money monthly via Indian banks operating here. It is under these conditions the Easter Sunday attack happened. Some say there is a hand by them.
    Never mind the present GOSL. After coming to power only for 5 years they have no right to negotiate with India that gave the training to the terrorist group that they themselves had to fight for a long time. So, if they also have also lost the directions now, for whatever reason, then they too will reap what they sow.

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