Why are these Western Countries and India interfering with everything and harassing Sri Lanka
Posted on January 28th, 2021

Sudath Gunasekra

Do they think that we are a Colony or a protectorate of theirs? In a way it is no surprise as our own so-called leaders except Sir John and Mrs Bandaranayaka no other had understood that we are an independent and sovereign country. What a tragedy not to be blessed with at least one national leader of that genre since Keppetipola Adikarama was beheaded. We bemoan this lacuna. But how long are we going to do that even-if we have to continue until the Maitree Buddha is born one should not be surprised, the way how our successive backboneless political leaders are crawling naively and limping before these forces with no shame as Sinhalese. This situation will continue as long as the Colombian leaders and their acolytes who are only the hybrid black white mostly of mixed genetic and brainwashed by Portuguese, Dutch and British masters. Many people thought things swill change when leadership is shifted from Colombo based social strata to Hambantota but sadly it has not. The status quo continues prevails. It is always Colombo based politicians, business men, financiers and administrators and social elite, who run   the country whatever Party comes to power.

On the other hand how long are we going to tolerate this never ending nuisance of Interference by the Western and Indian bullying? Surely there must be a limit for anything

But with these former colonial powers and their allies there is no end. Daily they have something to issue statements interfering with the internal policies and domestic matters of the country and it has become a routine nuisance as if these Ambassadors have no other work .All the time it was human rights .Now against cremating Muslim Covid 19 dead trying to raise a religious issue thereby creating communal and religious tension. Tomorrow it could be gay marriage. Yesterday the US Ambassador spoke on the Colombo Eastern Terminal.

This is how the US Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz has said it.

US Envoy pushes for Indian stake in ECT

January 27, 2021 Sunday Morning

by Lahiru Pothmulla

Amidst heated nationwide debates on the matter, US Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz believes that India should have a stake in the Colombo Port’s East Container Terminal (ECT).

Obviously, with India being the beneficiary of Sri Lanka’s port facilities through all trans-shipment activities that take place, along with the unloading and shipments to smaller Indian ports, having an Indian company with a stake here, I would think, is essential to Sri Lanka’s maritime future,” she told reporters yesterday (26).

She expressed these views in response to a question posed during a virtual meeting held with a group of journalists.

.Ambassador Tirpitz added that Sri Lanka should be looking for the best value in its economic arrangements and that in this regard, having private sector involvement was very good”.

Looking at the business arrangements, and finding something that is sustainable and beneficial and gives your key business partner a stake, is a no-brainer in terms of a deal for this country,” she added.

US and India enjoy a strong relationship, with the former viewing the latter as its greatest ally in Asia, and a counterforce to its main rival China’s dominance in the region, due to the similar populations of the two Asian giants and India’s economic potential. The relationship between US and India is expected to be strengthened further under new US President Joe Biden.”

 Meanwhile it is also reported that the Indian Foreign Minister of India wants the control of Palale Air Port and Trincommallee harbor in the event of not giving ECT to India and abolishing the 13th Amendment

India has the same incurable disease, often much worse. No wonder Indian had been suffering from this pregnancy craving from the days of Ramayana to annex this resplendent Isle. So it is not something new to us Sri Lankans. But I vouch you my dear friends you will never succeed.

Obviously here you see the cat has come out of the bag that US want to help its friend India even Sri Lanka goes to hell, it does not matter for US. The primary concern here is her own economic and strategic interests in the now waning global political leadership specially in the Indo-Pacific region. Had at least Premadasa being there by he would have asked Ambassador Alaina B. Teplitz to go home and hang as he did to British Ambassador, once over a speech he had made in Matara area. As the Ambassador to Sri Lanka this is very unbecoming and highhanded statement where she tries to dictate terms to the Sri Lanka Government when the whole country is up in arms against handing over CET to India. I presume she is Ambassador to this country and not to India.


Why can’t these Diplomuts limit their talks and actions to diplomatic issues without unnecessarily interfering with our domestic matters and without giving us a chance even to breath? Why can’t they understand that we are no longer a colony under them and we are a free and independent sovereign country? In spite of the differences in size each sovereign state has its own say and equal rights when it comes to its domestic matters. If Cuba with 109,884 km² could stand up to the US economic and military giant and if British Islas only six time the size of our country in a faraway corner of the world with almost three months freezing during 3 months of the year, why can’t we, with the best strategic, naval and Air hub location in the world map with 365 days of equinoxes, a salubrious climate and rain throughout the year  blessed with an ingenuous people who has a rich legacy of a glorious  past running in to millennia follow suit and assert dispelling the myth of small size in world politics. Our only shortfall to steer the nation in to power, prosperity and fame, in my opinion, is the absence of the correct type of national leadership that was extinguished by 500 years of Western colonial suppression and annihilation. Discovering those past heritage and building upon that foundation making use of the present strengths fired by patriotism, vision, self-reliance, dedication and full commitment to nation building based on Buddhist principles of state craft is the only way for future prosperity.

In that process these nuisance makers should be deported and even diplomatic relations should be ended. Why can’t we show them that we too have a government elected by the people of this country and tell them we govern this country the way the voters of this country want to do it and not the way the Ambassadors of unfriendly countries wants us to do.

If President Premadasa could Sent back Gladstone Ambassador to UK overnight and John Kotalawala could tell Nehru that we are two Independent countries and there is no reason as to why he should consult him to Nehru before opens his mouth.at the Bandung Conference, why can’t the present day leaders also ask these nuisance makers either to act and behave within diplomatic norms and confine to Diplomatic norms for mutual benefit based on the principles of equality, justice and, self-respect or go home and discontinue all relationships with such countries. What is the use of having Diplomatic relationships with enemy countries that are trying to destroy the millennia old Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this Island and hatching coups to install minorities rule on the debris of a nation destroyed.

One Response to “Why are these Western Countries and India interfering with everything and harassing Sri Lanka”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    India is surrounded by pakisthan, china,bangladesh, nepal and Sri Lanka. As we all know, india is no friends with the
    Chinese, pakisthan, bangladesh . They want to keep the Chinese away from Sri Lanka. How do they do it? Promote
    tamils and make the Sinhalese extinct! Then annexe Sri Lanka to them and keep the Chinese away for good from the
    Indian ocean. For this reason, both the Chinese and indians fancy Sri Lanka so much. We all know what india has given
    us: trouble and trouble while the Chinese has been true friends of Sri Lanka since the 1950s.

    India gave the liberation tigers of tamil drealam and it took 30 years and 00,000+, mainly Sinhalese Buddhists, lives.
    In the end Chinese and pakisthanis were the only ones came to our help. Then ever the traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese
    Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@ implemented 13, 13A to break up Sri Lanka and to please tamils, mussies,
    catholics, india and the west. To this day we can’t get rid of that menace which threatens to break up the country while
    making another layer of deshapaluwa thieves to whatever money the country makes.

    We should use this highly advantageous position of wooed by two countries and get the Chinese involved more and
    more and side line india who has been a real menace to the Sinhalese and Sri Lanka all this time. Nowadays nobody
    wants to mess up with the Chinese, including the indians. Why our deshapaluwas has no backbone to confront the
    menace that is india and tell them to get lost. They should take a leaf out of Taiwan. They resist strong pressure from
    the Chinese and sided with the US for protection. We too should tell the indians to get lost. Their record in Sri Lanka
    is really abysmal. The Chinese can easily prop up a small economy like ours. Oh they can send millions of tourists to
    fill any export ban these traitor bullies going to place on us to toe their line. We shouldn’t also forget there is another
    strongman willing to help us. Mr Putin. These two are awesome combination and the whole world take notice when the
    two countries get together. Unfortunately our leaders let these traitors india and diasporats-powered countries to
    bully us. Why can’t these traitor deshapaluwas see this common sense?

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