UNHRC Statement on Sri Lanka Army Commanders
Posted on January 30th, 2021

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.) Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

30 January 2021
Madam Michelle Bachelet
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Palais Wilson
52 Rue des Paquis
CH 1201, Geneva

Dear Madam Bachelet:

What is it that I read that the UN Rights Boss calls for Sanctions on some Sri Lanka ex-military?

Then I also went on to read that you had called on States to impose, targeted sanctions in former Sri Lankan military commanders, implicated in alleged war crimes during the final years of a 26 year civil war that ended in 2009.”

You know Madam, that statement to me is absolutely unacceptable, to penalize the military commanders who gave back the very paramount human right your guys keep promoting as sacrosanct and holy – the right-to-life, to 20.5 million of their people which had been hijacked from them for 30 years by the Tamil Tiger terrorists, that you have gone to bat for.  Wow, lady,  this is heresy, international bullying and not nice.

Now I understand why the UNHRC was described so boldly as a cesspool of political bias, and a self serving body that makes a mockery of human rights”, by Nikki Haley of the U.S. Hallelujah!

Implicated in alleged war crimes”  Oops! Madam, it certainly looks like that arrogant, word Boss” had certainly gone into your head.”    Wow! Lady you are now not only ‘bossy’, but you have also mutated to be an ‘International Bully..”  

The last one that I came across was of India’s Rajiv Gandhi, who sent shivers along the spine of Sri Lanka’s President J.R. Jayewardena, when he parked an Indian Warship in the International waters opposite the capital Colombo on 4 June 1987, and the whole world witnessed the flagrant high handedness with which India attempted to cow-down Sri Lanka by sending 5 Soviet built Antonov 32 Indian Transport planes, escorted by 4 screaming  French built Mirage 2000s to drop a meagre 25 tons of so called ‘relief supplies by parachute to  almost 800,000 Tamils.  Whoopee…do”  What joy for the  Jaffna-Tamils for them to know that they have a caring Mother India just 18 salt-water miles away.  

These bully boy tactics ended up with signing the Indo-Lanka Accord with lots of provisions for the Tamil community on 29 July 1987, by India’s Rajiv Gandhi and Sri Lanka’s President J.R. Jayewardena,  are reminiscent of what you are upto Madam as the ‘boss’ of the UNHRC.

Here are some information that UNHRC cannot ignore.  They are not alleged information” but what  really happened and recorded.  By April 9, 2009, the Sri Lankan Armed forces undertook the world’s largest humanitarian operation in the world, as theTamil Tigers had taken thousands of civilians in the No Fire Zone (NFZ.).

Sri Lanka Army 58 Division were spearheading the rescue operation (These are not WAR CRIMES)  having established their positions West of Ampalavanpkkanai and South of Puthumathalam.  And the rescue mission was on, and the attitude of the Sri Lankan soldiers was, to hell with the UNHRC, the bullish Organization, we will rescue these Tamil civilians come Hell or High  water, and they did.  And so Madam, shame on you a lot,  and you talk of War Crimes. What  a lot of baked trellis in a  Chilean butchers shop of Costillar de Chancho.

But Madam Bachalet, tell me seriously, do you have a surprise under your sleeves for all the khaki clad Army Commanders and their soldiers who you are finger pointing as War criminals.  A happy surprise for the New Year 2021, a well deserved honour for rescuing 295,873 Tamil refugees from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers, who were marched, as a herd of unwashed, hungry cattle for 6 months from the west coast to the east coast under a scorching Jaffna-Killinochchi sun as a human shield.  And they were rescued by these Sri Lankan khaki clad Commanders and soldiers. And 95% of the Tamil rescuers were ethnic Sinhlese clad in khaki uniform.

These khaki clad Army Commanders and their soldiers not only rescued them they were also housed in temporary refugee camps and cooked  one million hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day to sustain them.

How can you ignore such a humane Text Book Classic act..  These Army Commanders could have easily bumped them off as what the Tamil Tigers did to 700 policemen in the east who had surrendered  with the promise that they would be sent south  unharmed.   On 12 June 1990 morning 700 of them were taken to the Vinayagapuram and Trincomalee jungles, lined them up, tied their hands behind their backs and shot them dead through their skulls. This is a FACT.    Madam, aren’t you ashamed that the ‘boss’ of UNHRC has a soft spot in the heart for these brutal killers!

Just a minute Madam………hmmm. did you hear that echo  The UNHRC is a cesspool of political bias, and a self serving body that makes a mockery of human rights….  the voice said.”  Too bad…that’s how the cookie crumbles!

Coming back to the surprise under your sleeve.  If it is still a secret, whisper it into my ears.  Be soft that no one would hear”.  The UNHRC is now preparing to honour the Army Commanders and their soldiers as well deserved War Heroes for rescuing the 295,873 Tamil refugees  from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers, and looked after them, which turns out to be  a text book classic  of Tamils being rescued by Sinhalese soldiers.  So what is that well deserving honour.”   What….come on Madam….are you serious….I don’t believe you.

Are you really honouring every one of those khaki clad heroes with a specially minted  gold-tinted bronze medal from UNHRC, with an inscription saying – UNHRC Medal of Honour – for Eelam War Heroes for rescuing 295,873 Tamil refugees in May, 2009.

I hope the image on the medal would be a ferocious Tiger with his tail held by a gentle friendly lion.

And that would be just perfect.   Thank you Madam Michelle Bachelt.  I promise it will be a secret until it happens.

These Khaki clad Army Commanders and their soldiers did one more thing that you as a Mother would appreciate.  They gave back to every Mother of  a school going child her 1 o’clock afternoon life back, as she would stand at the threshold of the front door, looking far into the road waiting for her child to come home safe from school, and not in a plywood box as a puzzle of pieces of bloodied flesh and bone, limbs and skull,  having been blasted by the Tamil Tiger planted claymore mine.  That was a daily reality then.  Not anymore.  You know why Madam? The Tamil Tiger terrorists were annihilated by the  khaki  clad Army Commanders and their soldiers on 19 May, 2009.  And the Tamil terrorist killings have stopped and that is a lovely feeling.

But Madam Bachelet, there is one last thing I want to ask you and many others too who have been following this Eelam War Story.

According to every Global War statistic that we know of, at the end of a war, what they found out was that the casualties were twice the number killed.  So if the Sri Lankan armed forces had killed 100,000 Tamils during the last five months as according to the British Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh for Micham and Morden in South London, we should have 200,000  Tamil casualties.  Why, this sudden infection of the larynx as everyone seems to have difficulty to explain.  Do I smell a  stinking rat here?

Now comes the million dollar question, which will tell us whether the alleged” killings were created by a bunch of no-good lying Humbugs or was it a Hocus-pocus Tamil Blarney Fairy Tale.

 So tell me what happened to that 200,000 casualty-Tamils after the war.   No one talks about them.  No one has seen them hobbling along on crutches and canes and bandaged like mummies, along the roads to Kilinochchi and Jaffna,    So what happened to 200,000 Tamil War casualties .  No one seems to want to talk about them.  Why?  Where are the voices of the UNHRC; Amnesty International; the Canadan Parliamentarians who participated in their Canadian Tamil Blarney Gong Show in the parliament’s  Chambers during the Special Debate on Sri Lanka on 4 February 2009; Human Rights Watch; Britain’s David Miliband, former UNHRCs Navi Pillay, former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, who mooned Sri Lanka too many times.  Where are they? Let us have some answers.

The answer will determine that all the while the UNHRC War Crime thesis was a Tamil holy cow dung dropping dried cakes along the streets, roads and  alleyways of Mother India’s Tamill Nadu.    

Or was it all along a sad unholy Hocus Pocus Tamil Blarney Fairy Tale.   Did the 200,000 Tamil casualty fairies fly off to their Fairy Kavadi dancing Tamil la la land, in the clouds over Tamil Nadu.   Let’s hear your version Madam Michelle Bachelet.  This is going to be Fun.

With that answer, your thesis of War Criminals of  Sri Lankan Army Commanders, you bet will go up, Poof-in smoke”. There will be no case and you will end up with Nikki Haley’s  proof of heresy that the UNHRC is indeed a cesspool of political bias, and a self serving body that makes a mockery of human rights.” 

That’s what the rub is …and that is how the cookie crumbles, when all at UNHRC get on your high horses, and try to bully and lasso a small, puny island, Sri Lanka, who did damn well annihilating the most ruthless Terrorists in the world, the Tamil Tigers, who perfected the suicide body pack to be used on human bombs killing hundreds at each blast,

And finally Madam Michelle Bachelet this will be a pleasant surprise for you:

I am told that one of the Army Commander’s is a beautiful baritone singer, and wants to talk to you in Song:   And appropriately he has adopted the Beatles song Michelle, that you should know as we both grew up with the Beatle songs.  And here it is”

Michelle, ma belle
these word that go together well
My Michelle.
Michelle, ma belle
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble
Tres bien ensemble.
I love you. I love you, I don’t hate you
that’s all I want to say
until I want you to see
And that you’ll understand.
As all what I did
Was to save those kids
To give them back their right- to-life,
before they get killed
 by the Tamil Tigers bullets and knife,
Do you understand
my Michelle.
I love you, I love you and I don’t hate you
why do you want to penalize me
for wanting to give them back their lives,
My Michelle.
Michelle, ma belle
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble
tres bien ensemble
My Michelle
please understand.
as I love you, I love you and don’t hate you
Dear Michelle.

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)
Ottawa, Canada

5 Responses to “UNHRC Statement on Sri Lanka Army Commanders”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Syria, Yemen? Deaf and blind there! Because powerful countries involved there.
    Sri Lanka? like rampaging rapists! Sri Lanka is easy meat! Singing for diasporats’ votes?

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Syria, Yemen? Deaf and blind there! Because powerful countries involved there.
    Sri Lanka? like rampaging rapists! Sri Lanka is easy meat! Singing for diasporats’ votes?

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Syria, Yemen? Deaf and blind there! Because powerful countries involved there.
    Sri Lanka? like rampaging rapists! Sri Lanka is easy meat! Singing for diasporats’ votes?

  4. aloy Says:

    It is quite clear that these people are having ulterior motives to the extent that they now openly say that we give our strategic ports to Indians. They are simply using India as a tool.

    But one good thing is happening here: they are exposing the crooked ways of our so called war heroes who don’t deserve a salute from lower ranks. For instance there is one army commander who had connived with the wahabis to kill close to three hundred Christian worshippers and now hiding in Dubai. There is another heading the SLPA who says we must sell the whole of SL. And there is yet another one directly responsible for the plight of ratawiruwos languishing in ME countries unable to return even though they had paid for an insurance scheme that has billions to spend for their welfare.
    Yet an another one is openly hand shaking in wilpaththu destroyers.

    Two other wiyathmaga stalwarts (Geneva heroes of last year) have no guts to stand with the people to safeguard the assets of Lanka that belong to the ordinary citizen and are protecting a corrupt system.

    I will raise my hat off to Michelle Bachelet if she can deal with these miscreants not on war crimes that did not take place but now denying the human rights of ordinary citizens.

  5. aloy Says:

    Sorry, correction:
    Please read as “There is another heading SLPA who supposed to have said according to certain media, that we must sell SL”

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