Posted on February 1st, 2021

Stanley Gunaratne 

It is disappointing to see a significant amount of revisionist history going around (even by supposed educated people) claiming that somehow we were not independent, or that the date of this celebration should be on May 22nd. This would be an insult to history, disrespectful to the sacrifices of the entire Independence movement (such as Captain Pedris and the struggles of DS, Sinnalebbe, EW Perera etc) and the stark opposite of the truth. This notion showcases a need to re-establish history lessons to our People so that our children are not corrupted by leftist rhetoric:

1. We were a fully independent nation (regained our independence) on February 4th 1948. A sovereign nation with a totally independent foreign policy, our own national policies and had achieved freedom from colonial rule.

2. The Governor General was appointed on the recommendation of the democratically elected Prime Minister of Ceylon.

3. The Privy Council arbitrated the law based solely upon the Constitution of Ceylon (Soulsbury Constitution) and laws made by the Parliament of Ceylon. Thus it upheld the legal Ceylon Citizenship Act. The courts in those days also functioned efficiently instead of endless stalling of cases and a politicised judiciary. Singapore used the Privy Council for business cases well into the 1980s.

To say that we are not independent would be to argue that New Zealand or the Solomon Islands are not independent nations today which would be ludicrous. Being a Republic is a totally separate issue that should NOT be mixed up with Independence. To do so would be a disservice and dishonour to the immense sacrifices of the Independence movement including the likes of Captain Henry Pedris etc.

Furthermore, we were a FREE NATION UNLIKE TODAY. Today we have zero independent foreign policy (appeasement of India), zero defence policy (appeasement of India), a totally politicised system (judicial cases decided by politicians, or by India). The Indo Lanka Accord strips this country of its independence.

Please note in those days, “the Queen” was the Queen of Ceylon and referred to as such.

Finally, if the only “issue” was being/becoming a Republic (something that did not exist in ancient times on our island), then that would have been ONE amendment to the Soulsbury Constitution. Instead, a government in 1970 which won less than 50% of the national vote engaged in WHOLESALE change of the entire system and politicised it, changed the name of the country to the name of a political party and started engaging in revisionist history with zero national referendum (leftist rhetoric, Marxist ideology and Indian subservience are not part of our national culture).

In 1948, we did not have Provincial Councils, multiple ethnic laws, ethnic homelands, regional language areas (today the only administrative language that applies in all Provinces is Tamil), “India first” as a policy of daily life, judicial stalling or corruption. In those days the Governor Generals of Sir Oliver Goonitileke and William Goppawala as the de facto Heads of State served with honour and distinction as gentlemanly non partisan statesmen who acted with integrity and in the best interests of THIS country.

And in 1948, the British returned the original Lion flag which was re-raised. The more important question is why we celebrate Independence today when our modern day political class serve India with absolute devotion and a dedication second to none! Our Independence movement would be ashamed of them as should all of us. Let us hope that factual history is the order of the day and that Ceylon/Sinhale regains her independence by abolishing the Indo Lanka Accord (which is illegal under international law and strips us of our freedom to trade and engage with the world at will) and becoming a bastion of excellence. Our nation of splendour, of beauty and opportunity should realise her potential instead of suffering in this sad state of endless mediocrity.

Why should one trade one tyrant five thousand miles away for five thousand Indian bootlicking mankollakaraya political parasite tyrants one mile away?” 

Let us never forget the noble sacrifices of the Independence Movement heroes who we shall commemorate every 4th February on Independence/National Day, of the noble Armed Forces of this country who gave life and limb so that future generations may live free of Indian terrorism and the daily struggles of a warm, friendly and wonderful People full of ingenuity, determination and courage. Let this beautiful pearl island, this resplendent paradise nation, and its sublime wildlife and proud people prosper – hopefully under a new Constitution that represents an enlightened, clean and visionary Basic Law of the nation that is based on common sense, the Rule of Law, meritocracy and above all Honour!

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee oh Ceylonese!


  1. aloy Says:


    “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee oh Ceylonese!”

    Not true!.

    It certainly tolls for them, the traitorous robber barons of all hues since 1977, as this nation has survived for over two and half millennia after “Vijawawa tharananya” (or the advent of Wijaya). We went down to western powers due to lack of superior weapons.

    We had one leader like LYK of Singapore (which still has the same laws and the system the Brits left behind) and that is SWRD who was an upright man. He had a clear vision and a plan but was cut down by a crazy yellow robed man who wanted to takeover the port operations for himself as is being revealed now. Perhaps it is no coincidence that some Buddhist monks have come forward now for the privatization of the port. Is picking mangoes, some of them often talk about, part of that expectations?.

    Anyway, it appear that some big changes are around the corner for both India and Ceylon/Sinhale. Perhaps they might even think of an invasion just to overcome their immediate problem and keep their population under control.

  2. Nimal Says:

    As far as we are concerned we the humble people have being losing our freedom and true sense of democracy since the 4th of Feb 1948.We have a divide and rule policy, sadly.

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