Posted on February 13th, 2021

It is true the Sinhalese are an ethnic majority in Sri Lanka, but it is also true that the Sinhalese are the only ethnic group in the world. The Tamils & Muslim may be ethnic minorities in Sri Lanka but there are 76million Tamils living in all parts of the world with 72million Tamils living in Tamil Nadu alone while only 2.2million Tamils live in Sri Lanka. Of the 1.8billion Muslims the world over, 1.9million Muslims live in Sri Lanka. So the Sinhalese who are just over 15million are the real MINORITY against 76million Tamils and 1.8billion Muslims. This reality is something that’s Lanka’s political framework must be aware of. It is the reason why protective measures for Sinhalese are needed. While Tamils and Muslims have plenty of nations to welcome them, there is no place or protection for the Sinhalese other than Sri Lanka. Therefore, these hard facts must be presented internationally to secure the protection for the Sinhalese as an ethnic minority facing endanger of its lands, its language, culture, Buddhist heritage etc.

While this island is home to all, that the people of the world are mixed following the out of Africa theory is accepted – however, it is only the Sinhalese who has evolved as a separate ethnic group with an exclusive language, culture, tradition & ruled of the entirety of this island. No other ethnic group can claim to have evolved in Sri Lanka other than the Sinhalese. The veddahs remain part of a tribal group from ancient times. The Tamils have their roots and evolution in Tamil Nadu, while the Muslims were allowed to settle down after arriving as traders.

The Sinhale kings ruled under the banner of the tenets of Buddhism following the Dasa Raja Dhamma. The pristine place was given to Buddhist values and incorporated into how the Kings ruled. It is to be noted that the palaces of the Kings were built at a level lower than the Tooth Relic of Buddha in all of the Sinhale civilizational kingdoms. The sacred tooth relic that was enshrined in a magnificent structure was always given pride of place above the King. This showcased the prominence given to Buddhism even by the Kings that ruled our island nation.

Sinhalese DID NOT EVOLVE from Vijaya. This is the first lesson for Sinhalese to learn.

The collage from images of Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka – temple and medieval capital of Ceylon at Sri Lanka

With the advent of colonial rule, the place enshrined to Buddhism was subtly usurped. Therefore, various means and modes were applied to replace Buddhism by other faiths. That larger plan prevails still. The Christian/Catholic Action/new faith cults & Islamic fundamentalism are the present day challenges for Sri Lanka. All these have billions of followers, billions of dollar funding and subtle methods to brainwash people to become their foot soldiers. Thus, the protection of Buddhism, Buddhist heritage, Buddhist land, Buddhist architecture complimentary with the identity of the Sinhalese is also a must.

There is a well-funded psychological operation to make Sinhalese feel inferior. Programs are heavily funded to make Sinhalese feel ashamed of being Sinhalese, there are campaigns that laugh at our proud history, our inventions, our exclusive traditions and our unique cultures. These in turn are subtly put into efforts to remove the place of Sinhalese, Buddhism from are history books, from being spoken of and venerated. All these are subtle attempts to denationalize the Sinhalese from defending their nation.

Thus the school text books need to be immediately changed, history must return to bring back the proud history of our nation. The Buddhist temples and Daham Pasal must reawaken the pride in our children. The universities and academics must invest in more academic papers on the proud history of the Sinhalese and showcase to the world their civilization. It is the Sinhalese who built the world’s only man made irrigation works that are still a puzzle even to the greatest of modern engineers. The modern engineers are even puzzled at how our Vesak pandols are lit!

The Sinhala language, writings are one of the prettiest in the world and needs to be protected and nurtured. If there are only 15million Sinhalese – this necessitates the global protection of the Sinhala language & its writings.

So in reality, it is the Sinhalese who are the real minority. It is the Sinhalese who are discriminated even in their own country where they are the majority. How is this possible?

When a developing nation, full of a political framework and system that is corrupt enough of avenues are open to on the guise of ‘development assistance/aid’ push agendas inimical to the Sinhalese.

The 1.3billion Catholic/Christian faith exerts power through Western governments, EU bloc nations inside the UN where trade is controlled by them and threats on the camouflage of human rights etc are used while these governments send faith-based NGOs to convert and brainwash the people preying on the poor to follow their prayers!

The 1.8billion Islamic/Muslim work may be divided by sects but when it comes forwarding their expansionist agenda, these OIC nations always flock together to protect their own first while using the billions of funding to change country laws and systems to their advantage. In a corrupt system these changes are a piece of cake!

Then we have what should be Hindu India, where an entire state comprises 72million Tamils who uses this power to exert pressure on Sri Lanka while its government uses this Tamil state to claim they only want to protect Tamil interest.

So we have Western nations/Catholic/Christian entities protecting their people in Sri Lanka,

India claiming to protect Tamils in Sri Lanka & over 50 nations of the OIC/Islamic nations exerting pressures to protect the Muslims in Sri Lanka – the question the Sinhalese must now ask themselves is – WHO WILL PROTECT THE SINHALESE? WHO IS COMING FORWARD TO PROTECT THE SINHALESE? 

In the absence of any other nation or international group, shouldn’t Sinhalese campaign to protect themselves and protect their history & heritage? Something for all Sinhalese to seriously think about. What all Sinhalese must first do is to be PROUD of BEING A SINHALESE and not think that being proud of being a SINHALESE is something that looks down on others as this is the feeling funded campaigns are trying to infuse into Sinhalese.

Shenali D Waduge


  1. aloy Says:


    Your last two sentences refers:

    If people like Nalaka Godahewa cannot fathom this and also have not read chronicles like Mahavansa where it is clearly stated that this nation has been a naval power, then these people should leave the political scene, leaving others to take over the reigns.

    The 43 group should join with JVP, FSP along with progressives without tainted hands should come forward to lead this nation. There seem to be no other alternative.
    Forget the Venerable monks who are making tatements for their benefits like V8 and time on maintream media.

  2. aloy Says:

    The replacements of Buddhist cultural value and symbols started way back in the days of JR. Take for instance the monument put up by a prominent figure in his government, Ananda Tissa De Alwis at the entry to Diyawanna (near Battaramulla bridge). Is that not a linga statue?. If not what it is?.
    Our leaders have been hindufied, to the extent that at every critical moment they go to some temple in South India to venerate. It is only the current one who has not gone there yet. These are the people our monks consider as good Buddhist and give their full support to destroy the very faith they are there to protect and propagate around the world.

    People have already started saying that it has come to a stage that they have to protect the country from the very people they have put to govern us. In the near future there will be a stage when they have to say that they have to protect Buddhism also from (V8 type of) corrupt monks.

  3. Nimal Says:

    Perhaps I am the minority of the Sinhalese race because I think out of the box, rest pretending to be Sinhalese but dress like the south Indians, worship concrete or vally(sand) statues. I am guided by science and logic,never look back if I am to go forward. Only a few of us are in the country and our assets are under threat from the pretenders to my race. See what happened to our assets after the colonials left, our buses,dryfish trade,our estates, excess houses built for our incomes and dowries of our children were confiscated, no more rock’n’roll and we are doomed.
    We Sinhalese were a few pushed to the South and the suddas gradually took over the areas of the invaders from south India, some were converted to our race,their devales were erased from our sight but our amuda cultutre is back in business and we need the colonials to come back to save us.I respect the true simple teachings of Lord Buddha.a willing convert.

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