The UN’s Sri Lanka Inquisition
Posted on February 26th, 2021

Senaka Weeraratna

The Report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is fundamentally an anti – Sri Lanka document. It is a biased and shameful report which is totally one sided. Not a semblance of fairness.

One would not expect the Spanish Inquisition to return to the UN  in the 21st century with total faith placed on mere accusations and falsehood without verification. 

A display of malignant predictability when the party accused happens to be a former British colony showing defiance and no longer prepared to be subservient to the dictates of the inheritors of colonial Empires, is what we see in Reports of the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights.

Human Rights has been weaponised and been used as a red herring and a pretext by empire builders to white wash their genocidal crimes against the indigenous people all over the world.

Michelle Bachelet is a woman of Spanish descent from Chile. Most likely a descendant of the Spanish conquerors who ravaged the harmless natives of South America and exterminated them in a manner not very different to the Holocaust in modern times.

It is difficult to forget the crimes of the Spanish Conquistadors who wiped out the Incas, Aztecs and Mayan Civilizations in North, Central and South America. 

While evading Accountability for  colonial crimes and past atrocities, people of Spanish descent have joined hands largely with the current generation of western colonial countries and without a qualm of conscience or sense of collective guilt for the crimes of their forebears, are now earnestly engaged in witch hunting leaders of small countries using inquisitorial tactics.

What is happening to Sri Lanka today at the UNHRC will happen to India tomorrow. The breaking – up of India is the end station of this White Supremacist Christian conspiracy. To get there Sri Lanka has to be balkanized on the pretext of helping the minorities. Similar to the case of Yugoslavia. Dismembering is what is in store for Sri Lanka and eventually India. To trust Britain which looted India and Ceylon during the height of the British Empire is an unpardonable act of folly.

Senaka Weeraratna

4 Responses to “The UN’s Sri Lanka Inquisition”

  1. aloy Says:

    ” To trust Britain which looted India and Ceylon during the height of the British Empire is an unpardonable act of folly.”

    Not true in Both cases. Foe instance India is their own construct.

    They may have committed heinous crimes in Ceylon or then Sinhale, to get control of it at the beginning, but set a system of governing system including education with top class university from which we all benefitted. And when they left our country, we had the best economy in Asia second only to Japan. But a bunch of Colombians starting from traitor JR ruined it and continuing to this day with a similar set whose method of government has been described as a “Hithawadi Kollakema” (a consensual plunder).

    The day we get rid of it, our country will be OK and will be well respected by everybody except perhaps India.

  2. aloy Says:

    Sorry, my comment above is not about ‘trust’ but about looting.

  3. Nihal Perera Says:

    Aloy, the Brits didn’t do us any favors. They may have built universities and a governing system to promote and brainwash the future generation to become minions of the white colonial masters.

    Those colonial minions such as JR, Ranil, Chandrika, etc., are responsible for destroying our country. It is also important to remember that Britain is solely responsible for the ethnic division of the country thanks to their “divide & conquer policy” which they practice in every country, including in India, creating a generational division between Hindus and Muslims.

    Now Britain and their Western allies using hypocritical HRs, democracy, rule of law, etc., to further destabilize and control their former colonies.

  4. aloy Says:

    Nihal, agreed.
    But it was a British pastor who gave a scholarship to CWWK and started the ball rolling (even Lalith A was given a scholarship to oxford by SWRD which he returned as Mahapola scheme). If there were no people with good intentions will we still praise men like Ivor Jennings whose work (University of Ceylon) was opened by HRH Prince Philip to be more open than usual, giving an opportunity to rural youths?. How many are globe trotting with those qualifications up to now.
    All previous western powers tried their best to stay on. See the magnificent court building built by the Dutch (including the law system which we practice to this day). They were planning to stay put.

    The Brits were a set of people perhaps numbering about 40-50 million and they had to adopt all kind of tricks to rule their empire peacefully. All the names you mentioned above are traitors to our motherland. But they keep resurfacing because they have found a way to fool the gullibles by keeping them dirt poor and giving them arrack and a few worthless items before the election.
    But what I cannot understand is what we have done to Germany for them to gather forces against us so strongly every time. Perhaps they have a long term plan to join forces with India to promote their agendas.

    They do not know what mother nature has in store for all of them. Day of reckoning will surely come for all wrong doers including our rulers playing all tricks in their books.

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