Is ‘Multiculturalism’ suitable for Sri Lanka?
Posted on May 20th, 2021

Senaka Weeraratna

In the light of the growing problems with certain minority communities culminating in the Easter Sunday Massacre in 2019 that caused the death of 270 innocent men, women and children, and severe injuries to over 500 others, we have to ask ourselves whether the current social order we have today, based on ‘Multiculturalism’ had contributed in any significant way to this crime against humanity?

A civilizational crime by any yardstick.

David Lee states that “Western civilization” is today an oppressive hegemony that is ruled by orthodox intellectuals and the mainstream media.

Lee says that “Multiculturalism” is the dominant ideology of post-modern Western civilization. The core tenets of multiculturalism require that all ethno-cultural groups are to be treated as equal, marginalized groups should be held up to be idolized and that it is one’s duty to embrace other groups at the expense of one’s own group. This sounds very noble and humanistic”.

In fact, this ideology embodies hypocrisy and anti – majoritarian elements so much so that it stands out as something very much out of character with the foundations of the Buddhist civilization and cultural heritage that this country has been built upon.

The notion of ‘ Equality’ is given only lip service in many countries and especially where Abrahamic religions hold sway. 

Movements like ‘ Black Lives Matter’ have sprung up because of the continued maintenance of the colour bar and overt racial discrimination against people of colour and the indigenous people. In Islamic countries there is a clear distinction between ‘ Believers’ and ‘ Disbelievers’. The latter is damned in the scriptures and in turn a becomes a victim of discrimination. Disbeliever is not a co – equal of a Believer. 

These attitudes undermine the very foundations of Multiculturalism, Secularism and Reconciliation. 

If one group is indoctrinated by religion to marginalize and look down on others because of their faith and unwillingness to worship the same God, how can there be a true sense of equality and respect?

If one group is teaching ‘Sedition to the Pupils’ in their places of worship and furthermore, not to respect the laws of the local sovereign if these laws clash with the laws of God almighty, how can a law abiding society be established?   

The Easter Sunday Massacre showed that the security forces had dropped their guard at the behest of the key leaders of the Yahapalana Govt. who had implicit faith in Multiculturalism and were relying on political and financial support from minorities, some of whom were brazenly using democratic freedoms to undermine and destroy the very system that had given them unlimited freedom. 

As evidence begins to unfold it becomes clear that despite mounting information on the possibility of a terror attack there was hesitancy and foot dragging on the part of the intelligence services and the key political leaders to take action because the politicians were so much bonded with the extremists having received huge bulk votes in the thousands in previous elections and therefore extremely reluctant to order a crackdown.

Action was taken only after the crime of mass murder had been committed.

Appeasement has no limits. This is very unfortunate.

What is the guarantee that if policies of appeasement, multiculturalism and reconciliation were to continue as before that another Easter Sunday type massacre will not be repeated?

It is time to think beyond the flawed system of Multiculturalism, which is hypocritical and anti – Majoritarian, particularly, in countries like India and Sri Lanka.

Multiculturalism was indirectly responsible for the Easter Sunday Massacre. It has also led to growing demands to create a parallel legal system like ‘Shariya’ law in Sri Lanka.

Where is this going to end?

In its present form, Multiculturalism is not suitable for Sri Lanka.

Senaka Weeraratna

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Multiculturalism is wonderful if the inhabitants are civilized and respectful to wards one another. Any garden would be not attractive if all the plants and the flowers are the same. I truly enjoy the friendship of different races and ethnicities. This doesn’t means intolerance is acceptable and should be punished.

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