Posted on May 20th, 2021

Sarath Wijesinghe President’s Counsel former Ambassador to UAE and Israel, President Ambassador’s Forum

Indian version that has led to clock down of UK next week

Cvid 19 Pandemic has now become internalized and we must think international with the involvement with UN, WHO, effected countries and international organizations. It is a salutary step that UN has taken to convene  a special session  to adopt a binding resolution for a Global Pandemic   Convention so that all the nations are bound to work together – especially the rich countries and international organizations There is international involvement, concern, and network in the interest of themselves as big powers such as USA, Russia, Brazil, and powerful India that has become very humble due to excessive penetration of highest numbers pandemic victims and deaths with the death toll being an unappalled, unprecedented and heart-breaking. Death toll is mounting and increasing worldwide with fluctuations showing no mercy or improvements in terms of patients and deaths. USA is with a brave face with President is saying to the citizen that wearing mask is not imperative when UN and WHO is insisting more and more stringent regulations. Indian situation is the same with Sri Lankan situation aggravating to reach a complete lock down from 21st when the Army Commander has advised the citizens to collect provisions for a rainy day nearby – a step that should have taken before the New Year festive days and strictly follow genuine and correct scientific advice. It is worth listening the views of a genuine reputed scientist Dr Malik Perera who has given very valuable scientific views and directions the governance should follow. It is again a good move preventing irresponsible officers and pseudo scientists giving voice cuts which is misleading which is captured even by world media. It is also noted PHI officers who were doing an excellent job on the first wave should mind their tongs or Ministry must have a control over them. There appear to be  no permanent solution at the sight and the prediction of WHO generally the world relies on ,states is that, that world shall not expect an early and easy solution of the  expanding the menace with number of variants in many countries. Origin supposed to be in ‘’Wohan’’ in   China which  has spread length and breadth of the world, hard hitting small as well  as big powers kneeling down miserably to the venomous ‘’Covid 19’’ still spreading fast. Let us compare our tragedy with immediate neighbour and the regional power miserably failed in controlling the ferocious pandemic spreading fast, with new variants fearing UK, Sri Lanka and many other counties. 50 doctors have died recently totalling 1000 over and the death toll and the infections are growing faster as before unchanged accelerating with variants and spreading worldwide due to the large network of Indians spread and movements are still taking place. Death toll is mounting and there appear to be no strategy or preventive measures due to the enormity of the geographically large area and the population one of the largest in the worldwide, with no good health system as in Sri Lank where the health system and the doctors are nearly as good as UK which is one of the best systems in the world UK that has successfully controlled the menace from thousands of deaths to nearly zero is again planning a crackdown with a full lock down in a week again, due to the Indian variant attacking the citizens, which is a lessons to Sri Lanka allegedly possessing number of variants in circulation. Apparently Indian version has become more and more ferocious with new adaptations, warning the 49 countries that has been infested showing the danger and gravity of the spread. If this is the danger and the nature of the spread we can imagine the conditions of other various with batter and more comfortable situations. Wave is spreading all over fast by various methods due to the unprotected and insecure behaviour of the world citizens on move. Lock down appears to be imminent in UK and Sri Lanka and may spread to many other countries unless UN and the international community intervenes to assist members financially as finance plays a main part in clamping down. Rich is becoming richer in Sri Lanka India and worldwide showing Amazon, EBEY flourishing earning from the sweat of the corona victims followed by top companies in Sri Lanka and India. Top companies, Banks, Telecommunication sector, Lubricant, Tobacco, supermarkets, in Sri Lanka are enjoying profits over 400% and even more including listed companies enjoying a hay day at the cost of the suffering on the road and hospitals when the cases of suspected pandemic are the peak (3628 today) wiht36 deaths -a sad situation. Governance should compel ‘’Fat Cat’’ companies in Sri Lanka to make substantial contributions to the war on Pandemic.

Lock downs, Crack downs, and other restrictions in controlling pandemic

Lock down is the most extreme method of controlling the pandemic (we are commencing on 21st) when life of the citizen becomes life threatening and the pandemic is fast spreading with dangerous consequences of multiplicity with highest cost to the country. It is estimated that one days cost for a lock down in Sri Lanka is around 60000 million LKR which is so costly to a developing country battered by a 30 year war and many other draw backs to the economy which is only rough indication to the gravity of such an step, and we are still paying for the previous lock downs causing bleedings to the economy which is difficult for us to bear- but what else to do as the horse has bolted the stable and we are closing it too late. Let us go through agony for a better day as never late that ever. United Kingdom which is victorious in fighting pandemic has had lock downs previously .Where the death toll in UK nearly 9000 in March has come down to rear zero due to lock downs and 85% have been vaccinated and strict guidelines have been implemented. Due to the invasion of the Indian variant UK will be closing in a weeks with a full lock down at the highest loss as they can afford to as a rich country with reserves and backers worldwide. U K was not serious and not so strict initially and paid the highest price until stringent measures were introduced to clamp down the situation for complete control. Death toll to date have been 163709016 and there is no guarantee that the situation will be under control due to uncertainty of the situation and the rate of fast spreading with variations by the virus freely spreading with n resistance  from manmade drugs except avoiding the threat and taking precautionary measures. Sri Lanka is planning stringent controls minus complete lock down for obvious reasons and rich countries have stocks of vacations still unused in full leaving some poor countries not vaccinated at all. Sri Lanka is taking strict and stringent measures to clamp down yet the results will depend on how the population responds and cooperates out of realization and proper understanding without finding fault of the governance and others they presumed to be responsible and powerful in the country, therefore the governance must realise the lockdowns will be a proper solution and the real solution should come from all sections of the society out of commitment and realization. Have reached that stage or awaiting until the million infected is reached?

Where have we gone wrong and where do we stand in the crisis-are we in trouble

This is not the time for a blame game or to find who are responsible for the tragedy we are immersed in may be not due to our fault alone. It is a world pandemic that we controlled the first wave so well but lost the second and third wave reminding of the village folk of the race between the tortoise and rabbit where the foolish Rabbit slept under a tree undermining the slow tortoise slowly but steadily kept on in the race and won in the end. Were we lazy or foolish – decision is yours and it is a lesson for us for our future struggles in clamping down the pandemic.-  Our learned Opposition leader says we could and should have purchased drugs on time finding fault on  all and every step by the governance without giving advice directions and cooperation, and I wish somebody will forward this article written in good faith to him and it is a good idea for him to read this column ( if he aspires to be the next leader ) not read by many politicians mainly in the governance , due to negligence and language constraints. What has he been doing instead of being in the blame game? With many others in the group including famous ‘’Kumara’’ also an unproductive talking shop unproductive to the rest of the world including himself .All the time on the blame game without doing anything constructive. We have no place, position, or post in the government but trying to do a service within our capacity yet we keep on serving the nation. Learn from NM Colvin Lesley etc. who were strong left leaders against then government, yet served the masses on the road during the difficult periods after the war and malaria and small pox pandemics then. GMOA finds fault on the Health Ministry   doing an excellent job with an excellent website of world standard, we are also using for our work. We are now in UK collecting all date from Health Promotion bureau to serve the world working together with activist groups based in London.  Sri Lanka is doing an excellent job when UK who too are in trouble despite lot of money and facilities they possess. We will learn from what went wrong and learn from us using our own experiences and the world, when everybody is going through the learning process and  in trouble citizen has a civic duty to be careful and follow rules to the last world. Mind you the total deaths in India of corona is 263533 and death per day is 4329 which is frightening to us as well as the immediate neighbour with easy access for the unknown and unseen ferocious pandemic dragon to invade us comfortably with variants – that has compelled to shut down UK for safety -by various ways and means. Only and the best way is to follow health advice and guidelines and go back to basics. Of course we are in trouble heading for a major disaster as predicted by our own health ministry   to reach a million in 100 days which is frightening in deed. Currently the death is around 34 a day, and detections 1000 a day which is high with 24476 in 10 days and today it is learnt to be the highest being 3051 detections. And   mind you we have 147720 confirmed and 121145 recovered. Israel has recovered with zero deaths by their innovativeness, and Vietnam has reached zero deaths giving us hopes with our previous success stories and genuine traditional Ayurveda practices and not drugs of rough illegal practitioners. Current Pandemic is more dangerous than any previous disasters and it is time for us to get together and harness our resources, strength and knowledge to fight the last battle or perish together. It is so simple the governance must have a leader for the fight – not the Army commander a lonely parrot carrying orders and doing an excellent job   in implementation of someone orders himself with no vision or a strategy. I is time the ruler taker over rains as the masses have given him a clear path without puling the mandate leaving the rest apart. It is the duty of the opposition and others out of power to let him do the job and   advice and guide in the proper way and advice without pulling his leg. There should be a vision for the fight with proper advice by scientists who too will speak with one world. There are pseudo masters when the real masters are silent and not given an opportunity by the governance. Health Minister should be a medical professional with authority and firm vision being the most important in the process. We must go back to basics and follow health instructions and advice   to the last word, thoroughly studying how and why UK and Sri Lanka went wrong. UK was on the correct path if not for the invasion of the India variant and Sri Lanka went wrong due to the own making by the people who misbehaved and the governance not  taking proper steps on time due to economic downtown. What is needed is the realization of the danger and determination to work together leaving all before the peak of the pandemic disaster. No experts of expert knowledge is necessary. What is needed is the commitment and determination to act together with one and only goal without aiming at to form the next government nobody could manage without joint determined exercise by all citizens. Government expenditure is high running higher with 2020 9610 million,2021 4190, expenditure 5000/565939/14000/ 29and 17 for qurwntine,education3800/districts 102/2658/ which are mentioned a few compared to so many showing the gravity and magnitude  which is difficult for the country to bear and ever increasing, not reached the peak yet when the government predicts the peak in September with a  million in 100 day when the detentions are 1000 a day dying average 34 a day, and please believe we can win the unseen, virus easily if we are determined and join hands as one with the leadership of a vision and a visionary who will strictly follow the directions of genuine experts who will be confused when before a microphone, and media. There are responsibilities on the media, professionals, and politicians, religious leaders to speak with one word and follow the vision of the visionary backed by proper professionals with strict rules and guidelines. Sri Lanka being very smaller than India it is possible to win the war if handles well scientifically, with innovations as Israelis have done. But are serious and determined and united is the issue and if we do nit we will be digging   our own graves. 

Way forward to be out of danger

Truth and reality is that we are in trouble on our own making but may be able to win over if we play cards really well and to the point. We won the first wave successfully as experienced soldiers in the battle against Covid 19. It is not sure whether we have learnt lessons for our losses in human lives and income which is rare now which is almost exhausted. We are in the worst list aggravating daily- but we must win the war and it will be definitely won with the efforts of all of us, especially in governance and media expected to act a main pivot role in the exercise. But the fact remains that this is not a threat confined to Sri Lanka alone   and it is a pandemic that has engulfed the world over and an international effort is necessary when the entire world is getting ready for the battle. We are fighting an unknown and unseen virus thriving length and breadth due to our own carelessness and lack of precautionary measures, in combatting the enemy with simple basic methods which are easy to apply and practice. We need a vision and a visionary to lead the battle with a group of experts who were learned experienced and speak with one word. What is the vision and who is the visionary is yet to be found. Now that the people have chosen a leader with an overwhelming majority either he must create a vision or get a group of real visionary to lead the battle to avoid mass deaths and destruction. Sarath7@hotmail.co.uk                         

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