Grama Niladhari officers to withdraw from services
Posted on May 25th, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

The Sri Lanka Grama Niladhari Association states that they will withdraw from their duties from midnight today (May 25).

Sumith Kodikara, President of the Association, said that the decision was taken in protest of the COVID-19 inoculation program.

Addressing the media, he said that while the vaccine drive was initially carried out in a systematic manner, it is now being implemented in violation of the priority lists.

One Response to “Grama Niladhari officers to withdraw from services”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    They have no right to strike. They are duty bound to continue their work. This is not the time to take up strike action, while a whole country is in danger of the Covid-19 virus. Everybody knows that vaccines are in short supply. Even New Zealand who bought enough vaccines sufficient for twice her population are not getting the vaccines due to supply chain problems. If it can happen to a rich country like New Zealand what is still left to talk about a country like Sri Lanka!

    It is true that those who are ‘well connected’ somehow get their jabs ahead of others. This happens all over the world. If Sri Lanka has to wait till all social ills have been ‘righted’ then it will be a long long wait. It is time that people take situations in perspectice and do their duty – that will be the most important thing at the current time. There is a time to settle the scores and it is not now.

    If this happened at the time of Stalin eveybody knows where the dissenters will be – they will be standing with their backs to a wall gazing at the last thing they saw in their life – the ends of a barrel of a rifle!

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