Ministry of Education delegates responsibility to principals in a letter (Video)
Posted on September 13th, 2021

Courtesy  Hiru News

The Teachers ‘and Principals’ Trade Unions stated that they are still withdrawing from the process of applying for the GCE Advanced Level Examination and the Scholarship Examination.

The Ministry of Education has informed that applications for the two examinations should be submitted before 15 September.

Today is the 64th day of the trade union action to withdraw from online teaching based on the issue of teacher-principal salary anomalies.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education recently sent a letter to the principals through all the Zonal Directors of Education stating that the principals are responsible for submitting the GCE Advanced Level and Scholarship examination applications before the 15th.

It further stated that in case of any delay or omission in the submission of examination applications, the principals should take responsibility for it

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