Americans Attempt to Force Their way into Sri Lanka Through the Backdoor
Posted on September 19th, 2021

By Marcus Aurelius

A moot point was made by the Sri Lanka Study Circle on 15 Sep 21, in its piece about Mahinda ‘Walking the Plank’, suggesting that America is attempting to force its way into Sri Lanka through the backdoor.

The point made is alarming, considering that neither the Government nor the Opposition seems too concerned about this imminent threat, with nary a voice in Parliament making any noise about it.  

The threat to National security in this context becomes even more ominous when inexplicably the mainstream media deliberately mislead the people by giving ambivalent explanations about the UNHRC resolution 1/46, with a heavy American spin on it.

Worse still, the media does not even report on the 2 million Dollars budgeted by the UN – way before the voting on the CORE resolution was taken up in March – to establish a special investigative and prosecutorial arm within Sri Lanka directly under the UNHRC; the objective of this proposed mechanism is to probe the conduct of the military combatting 30 years of terrorism.    

The unfolding events are troubling: The parliament remaining silent on the 2 million dollars budgeted by the UNHRC: No politician or political activist spelling the dangers that portend the country if these ‘rogue’ funds get budgetary approval: The media maintaining a blanket of silence on this 2million dollar ‘landmine’ waiting to explode: The media spinning ‘American’ tales about resolution 1/46.

All this, transmits a strong signal that through some covert pipeline American dollars are flowing lavishly into the country.

There is something obviously rotten in the state of Denmark.

Some facts, pertaining to the UNHRC, consensual resolutions and majority-vote resolutions, are being glossed over and need to be restarted.  

Fact 1. Resolutions passed at the UNHRC are NOT binding on the UN member States. Fact 2. If a consensual resolution (or if something similar to that, like a state co-sponsoring a resolution against itself) is passed against a state, by moral obligation the resolution could become binding on the state. Fact 3. If there is a resolution against a state and a vote is taken, and by a majority vote the resolution is passed, that resolution is NOT binding on the state against which that resolution was brought FULL STOP

In March this year, there was a resolution against Sri Lanka and Jayanath Colombage worked hard to have it passed as a consensual resolution. If Colombage had succeeded, the ‘2million dollars’ would have validity for approval and the foreign investigative cum prosecutorial mechanisms would be already operating in Sri Lanka.

Colombage failed, thanks to MR intervening and initiating action to get the support of Sri Lanka’s friends to challenge the resolution by calling for a vote.

The resolution was passed by a majority vote, with 11 countries voting for Sri Lanka and 14 more abstaining from voting for the resolution.

Is the resolution that was passed, 1/46, binding on Sri Lanka? The answer is an emphatic NO.

What then is the problem? The problem is, the Americans having failed to enter the country through the front door are attempting to make their entry through the backdoor.

The 2 million US Dollars, budgeted for Sri Lanka’s special investigative and prosecutorial mechanism (before the vote on the resolution was taken up) could very well be approved along with all other budgeted sums of money for the different projects of the UN; budgetary approvals are customarily done annually during the September sessions of the UN.

This 2-million-dollars could very well go unnoticed and be passed by default unless Sri Lanka is alert and moves against it. 

It is not a complicated issue at all; all Sri Lanka has to do is to simply say that it does not accept the resolution. If the Americans try to be difficult, we have 120 non-aligned states on our side who will vote with us, if we have done our homework.

Have we done our homework? Was MR attempting to do what our Foreign Ministry failed to do when he planned a trip to Bologna? Was it to block MR’s initiatives that Colombage and Peiris were assigned to MR’s entourage?

A question arises How reliable are the representatives of the government representing the people at the UN”?

Considering the construct given above and given the unbelievable antics of the government – like the Ratwatte incident, the withdrawal of serious criminal cases against prominent members of the government, the granting of pardons to convicted murderers to name just a few- there is a strong sentiment in the country that the government is giving the UNHRC the opportunity to slam dunk the country in Geneva.

The opinion is that the government, the opposition and the media are seriously working towards establishing an American investigative and prosecutorial arm in this country. That sentiment perhaps explains why Colombage worked towards surrendering to the CORE (after a fight) by arriving at a consensual agreement.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Will the government allow 2 million dollars in the UNHRC budget, for the establishment of the American Attorney General’s department in Sri Lanka, be passed?

The Americans want the mechanism in place and the Sri Lankans do not want it.

The key is, What does Basil Rajapakse want?” He is a committed American who renounced whatever loyalties he had for Sri Lanka and pledged to uphold the aspirations of America even sacrificing his life in that cause

2 Responses to “Americans Attempt to Force Their way into Sri Lanka Through the Backdoor”

  1. aloy Says:

    “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

    Nothing of the sort this writer is talking about will materialize. Geneva will come and go. Once the core demands are met, it will business as usual; the pre-condition: dance to their tune.

    I believe these antics are just to maintain the hegemony of the west over the rest. But will it succeed?. I do not think so as there is a new kid on the block – China ( I believe that also a dirty Harry, which will not stop short of doing any damning thing).

    The problems faced by us like gas shortages, inflation are there for all including US and UK who are also printing money in trillions and giving it away to their unproductive workforce. We of course have our warehouses full to the ceiling and the local farmers cannot even sell their produce like paddy, onions, potato etc. at the moment. The GOSL seems attempting to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Is that also a grand plan of the west. The time will tell.

    What ever it is, this land has some protection from ‘hatara waram devios’ and the environment for us to survive several millennia against all odds.

    And as the saying goes “best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” (Caledonian wisdom?). So, beware the traitors to the motherland from 1977!. The day of the reckoning (or of the jackal) may come sooner than expected unless they reform.

  2. aloy Says:

    India has started on a massive armament campaign. And the present government motto is “Aathma Nirbhar Bharath’ (the meaning of which we can easily understand) can be a recipe for problems in the region as the west would not stay idle.
    The GOSL may need to face it tactfully without fear; we need to align patriotic forces for that and not to give them also a piece just to get away from the problem for a while.

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