Undermine SL’s Covid and Economic Recovery
Posted on September 25th, 2021

Dr. Chula Rajapakse. MNZM FRCP/FRACP Wellington,NZ

Dear Editor,

  I just viewed a  a video received via social media showing seemingly a challenge of a lady in Jaffna by the police and the sudden appearance of a lawyer, clearly positioned in advance to be handy,  confronting the police with an allegation of extra judicial action .The camera’s were also handy to make a recording of it  , showing enough to make the police appear in poor light . This was my response to it.

  I have fully anticipated such video’s .

This appears to be  an Engineered confrontations with the police , videoed partially to show Police in poor light, wIthout explaining the circumstances that led to the police action, leaving it to the viewers imagination to discern. This is not difficult to predict., (This was practiced widely in the making of the UK Channel for Sri Lanka Killing Fields” film) . These will be repeated and the Sri Lankan’s will see to it that these will go viral  and blame the police of HR violations.

All this is  in particularly  targeting,  the visit by an  EU delegation on Monday 27/9/21, to assess SL’s suitability for continuation  of GSP +  preferential import duty for exports to EU accounting for 30% , over 5 billion pa, of SL’s forex earnings.

This is the response of the combined opposition of NGO, Tiger Diaspora

and JVP/SJB to thwart any economic recovery that may follow COVID control following the highly successful vaccination program which they failed to under mine.

The Faint light at the end of the economic challenge tunnel that had just started to flicker would then be switched off plunging SL back into  another economic and social abyss.  The gullible SL population will happily orchestrate the blame for the govt for this result.

To repeat, the strategy is for apparently normal citizen to confront

law and order, create a challenge from the police, make it a confrontation, have a lawyer and camera handy to make a clever recording to show law enforcement in poor light, as violating HR  and release it to social media and Sri Lankans  will do the rest.

Let me remind you that this is a part of the misinformation based undermining / destabilization campaign  that commenced in Dec 2019 one month after the Presidential election in Nov/19 with the alleged kidnapping of the Swiss embassy employee raising the spectre of  a re appearance of the “white van culture”. This was exposed  as a staged fraud.However, only a few SL’s remember it and even fewer would connect it with todays :” incident”

Unless the SL population is super vigilant and stop the spread of videos of this nature  on their tracks, the Sri Lankan’s will be the ones who will suffer most.

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  1. aloy Says:

    The preamble of the writer is nice and is the truth. But who wrote the script may not be what he is trying to portray, for whatever reason. For example, compare this with the recent jailbreaks. They are not stupid. Sinahalas are now used to this kind of drama. Geneva will come and go.
    Sinhale also will survive for a long time, however much they try to destroy it. And those seemingly powerful countries are aging now and they do not have an appetite for a fight. They simply want it given on a platter.

    Look at UK. Today there is a panic buying of fuel as there are not enough men to drive the fuel tankers. They have sent an sos for 10000 drivers. Also they do not have enough people to run their farms and this may cause a food shortage. In a way we are a bit lucky as our rural folks produce at least four or five kids despite all the problems such as elephant menace and lack of basic things for their livelihood.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    It is obvious that UK is nearing its end – even just playing poodle to US! As a nation the English have abdicated all essentials of a nation to immigrants. What a let down for a once proud nation. A nation that became ‘great’ due to highseas piracay ended up in the hands of the money pirates- Global Capitalism and Midddle East Bedouins!

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