We Are Different. What it`s like to Be Special
Posted on September 27th, 2021

RT Documentary

In the We Are Different film by RT Documentary, three people born with various genetic disorders adjust to life and find purpose and happiness against the odds. According to Konstantin Severinov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Genetic information is stored in DNA as a sequence of chemical letters, figuratively speaking.” The human genome contains around 6 billion of these letters”. And every unique combination of them makes one person different from another. But when genes don’t line up as they are supposed to, it can affect appearance.

Lalit from India has a condition known as werewolf syndrome. It is extremely rare, and although doctors are convinced it’s genetic, they still haven’t learned what gene mutation causes excessive hair growth or hypertrichosis. It has only been diagnosed in 50-60 people in the entire world. Lalit’s face and body are covered with thick hair.

Everyone who sees him for the first time is stunned, but they change their minds when they know Lalit better. He is friends with Umesh, a social worker, who comes over to help him adjust and teaches him yoga. Lalit used to be teased and stared at, but now he sees it as his uniqueness, something that defines him. Watch our film and learn how two other heroes are dealing with their otherness.

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