COP-26 conference started: This planet must be made habitable
Posted on November 2nd, 2021

Hafizur Talukdar

The 26th World Climate Conference (COP-26) kicked off on Sunday in Glasgow, Scotland. About 30,000 people, including leaders from around the world, climate experts and arbitrators, are expected to attend. The participating countries are expected to present their plans to reduce carbon emissions by 2030. The countries that signed the Paris Agreement in 2015 agreed to take measures to ensure that global warming does not rise above 2 degrees Celsius beyond the pre-industrial era. Under the agreement, in order to reduce carbon emissions to virtually zero by 2050, various countries will now have to reduce their carbon emissions at a massive rate. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is scheduled to address the COP-26 summit. In this year’s conference, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh will lead the CVF (Climate Vulnerable Forum), a forum of 46 nations besides Bangladesh. Bangladesh is currently the President of CVF. All concerned, including the people of the CVF-affiliated countries, are particularly hopeful that the CVF-COP-26 Leaders Dialogue will lead to crucial decisions aimed at mitigating, adapting and financing climate change.

This is the 26th conference since the first UN-sponsored conference was held in 1995. When the World Climate Conference is about to take place, many of the evils of climate change are particularly visible to the world. Canada has recently experienced the highest heatwave in history. The floods in Europe are also unprecedented. A record amount of rain has fallen in western Germany, causing floods. The floods have inundated the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium. Fires have increased in California in the United States, parts of North America, Siberia, and southern Europe. 134 countries in the world are now facing the threat of fire which is a new record. By 2020, about 20 percent of the world’s land area will be affected by drought. All this has happened due to climate change. Earth’s temperature is rising rapidly. The last 5 years have been the warmest compared to the last 150 years. Compared to 1901, the rate of sea level rise has tripled. If this situation continues, scientists estimate that by the end of this century, sea level will rise by about two meters. As a result, people living in the sea area will have to face massive floods. People will be displaced. Now the demand is that all the countries that are responsible for the creation of climate refugees should take their responsibility.

Excess carbon emissions are a major cause of climate change. This crisis started from the beginning of the industrial age. The more industrialized the countries, the more polluted the environment. But the countries lagging behind in the industry are suffering the most. The responsibility for dealing with this environmental catastrophe rests heavily on the rich countries. Sadly, rich countries are not yet sincere in keeping their promises. Scientists say the goal of the Paris Agreement on global warming must be achieved if the earth is to be kept in balance. In order to make this planet habitable, everyone must reach a consensus at the World Climate Conference and show responsibility and sincerity in implementing the decision.

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