Second batch of nano nitrogen liquid fertilizer delayed (Video)
Posted on November 2nd, 2021

Courtesy Hiru News

The second batch of nano nitrogen liquid fertilizer imported to Sri Lanka is scheduled to arrive in the island today. However, an airport official noted that he was notified that the relevant flights will not arrive in the country today (02).

Meanwhile, the farmers’ hunger strike held in Bakamuna town demanding a solution to the fertilizer problem ended today after 10 days. Later the attic where the farmers were conducting the hunger strike was also removed from that place.

Protests were also organized in many parts of the island today demanding a solution to the fertilizer problem. The farmers also stated that their crops have been damaged due to the lack of fertilizer.

A group of farmers also alleged that the water of the Sorabora tank had been released for cultivation without providing fertilizer.

Meanwhile, the Fleetmon website stated that the ship Hippo Spirit, which is said to be bringing a consignment of organic fertilizer that has been confirmed to contain harmful bacteria, has arrived in Sri Lankan waters.

It was anchored 44.82 nautical miles from the Hambantota port eight days ago. However, the ship is 81.2 nautical miles from the Hambantota port today.

It is reported that the enjoining order imposed on the ship is anchored near the Hambantota port until it is considered in court 05 November and after that it is preparing to reach the Hambantota port.

It was also reported that organic manure is being successfully cultivated in a 03 acre home garden in the Hingurakgoda – Yudaganawa area. They grow fruit crops including avocados, mangoes, vines, oranges, pomegranates, bananas and oranges, as well as aloe vera using organic fertilizers.

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