List of pesticides prepared for importation
Posted on November 4th, 2021

Courtesy Hiru News

The Department of Agriculture stated that a list is currently being prepared for the importation of pesticides. The department stated that it would then table the said list to the cabinet of ministers.

The Director-General of the Department Ajantha Silva further stated that as local pest control methods are increasingly used, attention will be paid to import eco-friendly pesticides as required.

Meanwhile, the Fertilizer Secretariat stated that the stock of nano nitrogen liquid fertilizer brought to Sri Lanka from India this morning will be distributed to farmers from next week.

Hiru News correspondent stated that about 385 farming families in the Onegama area in Polonnaruwa are preparing for cultivation by producing organic fertilizer required for the Maha season.

Farmers in the Giritale area in Polonnaruwa also stated that they are ready to commence cultivation as the government has promised to pay compensation for crop damage. Accordingly, they are constructing canals and dams to commence cultivation activities.

Farmers in the Medirigiriya area in Polonnaruwa have started cultivating with rainwater before releasing irrigation water and say that they have started cultivating as the government has promised to provide fertilizer for the Maha season.

Organic fertilizer required to cultivate 82,000 hectares in the Kurunegala District has been provided by 56 Fertilizer Centers in that district and the distribution of these to farmers has already commenced.

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