Promises of world leaders
Posted on November 4th, 2021

Hafizur Talukdar

Let there be a direction to keep the earth habitable

The plenary session of the second day of the COP-26 conference started on Monday. World leaders have gathered in Glasgow in a last-ditch effort to save the world from the ravages of climate change.

In his opening remarks, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told world leaders, “The world is at a crossroads. We need to take action now. If we are not sincere about climate change, all efforts will fail.

” Earlier in the day, dozens of leaders, including UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, spoke. Although he did not attend the conference, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a written statement.

Although the 48 countries in the CVF are the most affected by climate change, their contribution to global carbon emissions is negligible. Speaking as the chief guest at the CVF-Commonwealth High Level Discussion on Climate Prosperity Partnership at the Commonwealth Pavilion at the COP-26 conference venue in Glasgow, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called on the richest countries to address the adverse effects of climate change. The Prime Minister said that climate change is now a global and cross-border problem and no country is free from its dire consequences. Referring to the recent IPCC report, he said it was a clear message that everyone must take urgent and decisive action to save this planet and future generations. CVF Chairperson Sheikh Hasina has put forward a six-point proposal for effective cooperation between the CVF and the Commonwealth.

US President Joe Biden has overturned a decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Paris Agreement after taking office and pledged to make the fight against climate change a top priority. After a two-day meeting in Rome, Italy, G20 leaders said global warming would not be allowed to rise more than a degree and a half from the pre-industrial era by the end of this century. However, no details were given about the steps to be taken to meet this target. The world is eager to see the success of these conferences and the implementation of the promises made by world leaders. Appropriate steps need to be taken now to address the adverse effects of climate change. The clear direction to keep this planet habitable will come from COP-26, this is what the world wants to see.

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