Minister Gammanpila On Big Focus Demolishes the Rendering In Parliament of Pacha Upali’s Deliberately Misleading & False Assertions Designed To Create Panic Buying and Queues at Fuel Pumps
Posted on November 20th, 2021

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Lower Hutt NZ’

Minister Udaya Gammanpila has to be roundly congratulated and thanked  for promptly accessing media to explain the truth to the world and demolish the well organised &  well funded propagation of misrerepresentations, deliberate lies and myths when ever they arise. This is a desperate requirement in SL where baseless Rumour and Myth rules the roost where the truth is often relegated to the bottom of a heap of these lies, a consequence of this organised and well funded misuse of the democratic freedom of speech, which was meant to be exercised with responsibility and not deliberately and wrongly exploited as in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan’s should rise up big time against this  deliberate misuse and wrong exploitation of the sacred democratic freedom of speech.

On the Big Focus program on Derana TV on 19/11/21 Minister Gammanpila was at his brilliant best demolishing the claims made in Parliament, by one who had been challenged by his own cabinet colleagues to show some of his educational credentials . This member based his claims  on  a deliberately misleading analysis of the government’s  handling of the current challenges on acquisition of it’s fuel requirements by one known at school as  Pacha Upali” . The minister explained that as the govt was often obtaining fuel on credit for several months at a time , they would need to source petroleum products from those prepared to do this and not necessarily from the lowest spot price that would require prompt payment. . This is not possible on account of the destroyers economy left by Yahapalana now compounded by Covid. Not buying the  cheapest was suggested in parliament by the Pacha Upali” mislead member as fraudulent.! The real reason for this is as above.

The Minister also explained why they chose to close Sapugaskanda refinery for 50 days, a planned closure already announced in September during which time it’s service needs would be addressed,  .Imported refined products accounts for 70% of Sri Lanka’s requirements , while the old technology based Iran manufactured Sapugaskanda only provided 30% of the oil requirement. Most of this was the type used for firing oil powered electricity generation, which has a low need now with overflowing hydroelectricity reservoirs and completely full storage capacity for these petroleum products.Hence the planned closure.

This is the response to the triumphant question raised by the member with questionable educational credentials, of how the govt had money to buy refined oil and not crude”. This was based on the current requirement.

The current need was to maintain the requirement of the importation of the 70% refined oil, of which there was their current usual back up fo  10-15days, as has been the practice for years.base on SL’s low levels Forex availability  These reserves have not been challenged at all in the past years and the plans to maintain this level for the foreseeable future are well established and no cause for concern at all. As we write several ships with refined oil are in the  Colombo Harbour.

Against this back ground , despite government’s repeated reassurances of no shortage of fuel, panic buying was created by these deliberately misleading  mischievous claims of fuel shortage, orchestrated by media , some deliberately, some in their ignorance , that led to the shortages at the pumps where their usual stores for   3 days was exhausted in a day through panic buying  and replenishing the stocks at the pump takes a few days . Despite the Minister reassuring the public, the false and misleading alternative was so pervasive , leading to the above results..

Thank you again Minister  and congratulations  for your brilliant work, keep doing the same, encourage more of your colleagues to do the same & please don’t fail to deliver on your promise of making commercially available , the first gushes of Natural Gas from the Mannar Basin within 3 years.

2 Responses to “Minister Gammanpila On Big Focus Demolishes the Rendering In Parliament of Pacha Upali’s Deliberately Misleading & False Assertions Designed To Create Panic Buying and Queues at Fuel Pumps”

  1. aloy Says:

    Dr. Chula R.,

    could not make head or tail of this piece until this last line:

    “the first gushes of Natural Gas from the Mannar Basin within 3 years”

    Well said!.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    The gist of what is said above from my little knowledge of a foreign tongue is about the proliferation of fake news leading to mass hysteria among the easily provocated idiots in Sri Lanka. I call them idiots because this is not the first time we see mass hysteria. It is about the misuse of the democratic freedoms not only by the ordinary idiots but also by members of the clergy who ‘have’ the divine ear!

    Minister Gammanpila explained very well, as he is at most times, the need for the strategic use of limited Dollar Funds and for the optimization of the available energy stocks. The GOSL has given repeated assurances that there is no need for panic buying. It is under these circumstances a disgruntled former employee with little understanding and most probably hired by the inept Opposition made his foolhardy comments. Given a free hand this ‘agent provocateur’ may go on to repeat his cowardly performances elsewhere another time. By all decent understading of Community RIghts and despite a host of of bogus human, individual and democratic rights, this man should be put behind bars for creating mass hysteria at a time not only Sri Lanka, but the whole world is going through an unprecedented pandemic!

    The Sapugaskanda Refinery is now over 50 years old. It was designed specifically for specific crude oils which are hard to obtain. The life span of a refinery varies widely depending on how well and timely they are maintained, upgraded and cared for, but averages around 40 years. As time goes they also become less efficient as well as costly to operate. It is in this background that the Government is contemplating the installation of several refineries in strategic locations on the basis of build, operate and transfer!

    As for the availability of gas from Mannar, this I believe is still a long shot – still the gas is in the ground – the Minister should not brag about this energy source till such time a suitable investor has been found and real operations for the extraction of gas is well underway!

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