Wijedasa proposes 21st Amendment which enable Parliament to elect new President
Posted on March 24th, 2022

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

SLPP MP Wijedasa Rajapaksha has handed over the 21st Amendment to the constitution under which he proposed the transformation of executive powers of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to the cabinet and to elect a new President by Parliament forthwith.

The MP, when inquired by the Daily Mirror, confirmed that he had handed over the private members Bill to the Secretary General Parliament through which he had proposed the 21st Amendment to the constitution.

Mr. Rajapaksa said he has proposed in his private members Bill the executive powers vested in the presidency shall be transferred to the cabinet members, making them responsible to Parliament and the people. Thereby he had proposed that the legislature be given the power to monitor the exercise of executive powers.

Also he proposed the election of a new President and the office of the incumbent President shall cease with such an election.

He had also proposed the new President to appoint the Member of Parliament who commands a majority, as the new Prime Minister.

Mr. Rajapaksha in his private members Bill has proposed the appointment of an interim cabinet which comprises MPs from all parties which represent Parliament, The Interim government shall continue until the term of the House is over or when it is dissolved. The interim government should formulate long term and short term policies to restore the economy. (Yohan Perera and Ajith Siriwardana)

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