Nimal Lanza issues warning to the government
Posted on April 4th, 2022

Courtesy Adaderana

Former State Minister Nimal Lanza warns that the government will lose its majority in parliament if it attempts to continue through various tactics.

Accordingly, more than 50 Members of Parliament representing the ruling party are prepared to function independently in Parliament tomorrow (05), he said.

Speaking to the media in Negombo today (04), he further stated that it is very reasonable for the people to ask the government to go home.

He said that the government should understand this pressure and step down, adding that at this moment the people’s demand should be listened to and not politics.

I wish to clearly state that more than 50 will be independent in Parliament tomorrow. We hope to make a statement in Parliament while listening to the demands of the people, and leave the government and support anyone in the opposition to govern.”

We clearly say that if the government does not take that action today, all the more than 50 in Parliament will unite tomorrow and especially we in the SLPP will be independent. Then when the government loses the majority 113, the government will have to be dissolved. Then the President can invite anyone to take a government and continue this,” he said.

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