Buy Sri Lanka and name it Ceylon Musk: Snapdeal CEO advises Elon Musk
Posted on April 16th, 2022

Courtesy mint

Elon Musk has recently announced that he would pay $54.20 per share for Twitter, valuing it at about $40 billion.

As Tesla chief Elon Musk has launched a hostile takeover effort for Twitter with a $43 billion cash takeover offer, Snapdeal CEO has cracked a joke on Twitter on this multi-billion dollars bid.

CEO Kunal Bahl has suggested to Musk that instead of buying Twitter, he can buy Sri Lanka, the country which is witnessing its worst economic crisis with prices of food items such as a kilogram of rice soaring to 500 Sri Lankan rupees.

Bahl wrote a WhatsApp viral on Twitter in which he said that Elon Musk’s Twitter bid is $43 billion and Sri Lanka’s debt is $45 billion. “He can buy it and call himself Ceylon Musk,” Bahl wrote with a laughing emoji. Ceylon is Sri Lanka’s other name.

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