The Partition of India – A Betrayal of Hinduism
Posted on April 17th, 2022

Senaka Weeraratna

Both Gandhi and Nehru betrayed the Hindus at the time of partition of India. When Mohammed Ali Jinnah sought a separate nation for Muslims by partitioning India, the leaders of the Hindu community should have demanded likewise for the Hindus.

All Muslims in one part and the Hindus in the other part, would have ensured an India free of religion related conflict, which has now become a plague in India.

Islam and Hinduism are like chalk and cheese.  Two irreconcilable thought processes.

Muslims are entitled to have their Sharia law in predominant Muslim countries, but not in countries which are predominantly non – Muslim.

Mahatma Gandhi unfortunately had to sacrifice his precious life for letting down the Hindus at critical moments. Nehru was more a free thinker or an agnostic. Nehru’s writings do not reflect unlike that of Gandhi a deep belief in Hinduism.

Sanatana Dharma is the oldest religion of the world. Hinduism is the key component of Sanatana Dharma. Yet,

India which is Bharat, is prevented by so called secularists from calling itself officially as a Hindu Republic in as much as Pakistan calls itself in its Constitution as a Islamic Country. 

The current Govt. of India under Modi with the able assistance of his heir apparent Yogi, the popular Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, has a huge challenge on their hands – to rectify this monumental blunder of Gandhi and Nehru. Modi must now endeavour to give leadership internationally to all Dharmic countries which have their spiritual roots in India. He must not leave this important task to another. Take a leaf from the page of Emperor Ashoka of India –  now globally recognized as the greatest Monarch ever. 

H.G. Wells said that amid tens of thousands of names of monarchs, Ashoka shines, shines almost alone, a star”. 

Jinnah was Oxbridge educated. But he remained steadfastly loyal to his religion, Islam. Nehru was Cambridge educated. But he had no religion or was not loyal to Hinduism as much as Jinnah was loyal to Islam. 

Gandhi with sincere intentions tried appeasement of minorities earning the wrath of Hindus. When he passed the limit of tolerance which dedicated Hindus could no longer bear at the time of partition, they ended his life. 

Secularism leads to betrayal of one’s  own religion. Secularism in practice is a sham. Its ulterior purpose is to destroy one’s loyalty to one’s primordial identity i.e., race and religion, and destroy the inbuilt defences of every individual in a sovereign nation state. 

Muslims hardly betray their religion Islam, by and large.  Why? Because they do not  subscribe to secularism and hypocrisy. 

Senaka Weeraratna

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