Two Russian warships enter territorial waters of Sri Lanka
Posted on November 3rd, 2022

Courtesy Naval News

According to information published by the Russian MoD on November 3, 2022, a detachment of Pacific Fleet ships led by the flagship missile cruiser Varyag has entered the TOF area of responsibility south of Sri Lanka.

A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships led by the flagship of the Nakhimov Guards missile cruiser Varyag, the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs and the large sea tanker Boris Butoma have entered the responsibility zone of the TOF south of Sri Lanka.

The detachment of ships is making an inter-fleet transition from the Mediterranean Sea to the point of permanent deployment in Vladivostok after completing tasks in the far maritime zone.

In the area of Sri Lanka Island, the Pacific Fleet took operational control of the ships’ detachment on the crossing from the Black Sea Fleet, whose area of responsibility they successfully traversed. The detachment of ships is currently making the crossing across the Indian Ocean.

About the destroyer

Admiral Tributs is a Project 1155 Large Anti-Submarine Ship (Большой Противолодочный Корабль, BPK) of the Russian Navy. The ship was laid down on 19 April 1980 and launched on 26 March 1983.

The vessel is 163 m (534.8 ft) long with a beam of 19.3 m (63.3 ft) and a draught of 7.8 m (25.6 ft). Displacement was 6,200 t (6,102 long tons) standard and 7,900 t (7,775 long tons) full load.

Power is provided by four 23,000 kW (31,000 hp) hp GTA M-9 propulsion complexes, each comprising a 6,300 kW (8,500 hp) M-62 and a 16,800 kW (22,500 hp) hp M-8KF powering two fixed pitch propellers. which gave a maximum speed of 29.5 knots (55 km/h; 34 mph).

To combat submarines, Admiral Tributs mounts two quadruple launchers for eight missiles in the Metel Anti-Ship Complex along with two RBU-6000 12-barrel rocket launchers for close in defence.

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