Frying pan to fire
Posted on November 5th, 2022

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I took over the post of the chairman of the Ports Authority with a genuine intention of initiating action to develop Galle port as a tourist destination by developing a marina

A steel gas barge berthed over  15 years occupying 100 m length of Closenburh Pier was cleared by courts during this period for scrapping. A feasibility study to develop Trinco Port as the nucleus for the Marine and Offshore industry was to be awarded after much effort to a local consultancy company. Managed  to issue an RFP to expand bunkering tankage in Colombo with a view to going ahead with a PPP-based development 

Initiated a PPP partnership for the Mahapola training center which is underutilized 

With all the above done during three months of short tenure, I had to leave because I could not implement Structural changes in the management 

Lower and  high levels of irregular financial handling and resistance to any changes were evident 

I move out and took a  seat on the director board of GSMB ( Geological Survey and Mining Burea)

I found that this organization needs immediate restructuring to stop corruption 

Sadly the political appointees of the previous ruling party have been involved in large-scale mishandling of issuance of licenses and corruption everywhere 

Much publicity given in the press does not deter some officers  giving resignations 

Better to leave this organization as early as possible to save the name 

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