100 Years of the BBC & Fascism
Posted on November 6th, 2022

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The (so-called Sri Lankan-owned) media has demanded with one voice that Sri Lanka default on debts & submit to the IMF. These debts were largely incurred to pay for imports of fuel, fertilizer, food, pharma and machinery, most of which was not invested in productive efflorescence.

      At the same time, the US Treasury’s IMF, which is not a democratic organization at all, is clearly working thakata-thei with US games to turn Sri Lanka into a US military base in the Indian Ocean. Until Sri Lanka submits, they aim to play all sides against the middle, while depriving us of the essentials we’re prevented from producing for ourselves.

      The media this week took instead to openly trying to blame China again for the ‘delay’ in imposing the IMF’s blessings. It is the US (& IMF) dictat that is creating further chaos. Instead, they are framing China for the continuation of the colonial import-export plantation oligarchy’s policies.

      This recent report blaming China originates with the Hindustan Times quoting unnamed ‘financial analysts based in Washington’. Of course we aren’t surprised that Hindustan is also the modifier for Hindustan Unilever, the largest English multinational in India – and not that coincidentally – the largest media advertiser.

      ee repeats: Unilever, World Bank, IMF, Asian Development Bank, etc., are no democracies by any means. And yet, US President J Biden recently divided a multinational-corporation-dominated world into ‘democracies’ and ‘autocracies’:

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