Green Hydrogen by Green Man
Posted on November 20th, 2022

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

lanka C news | ධීවර බෝට්ටු සඳහා හරිත හයිඩ්‍රජන්…

Sorry to say this 

This is like LNG to be used as CNG to power cars like in many countries 

Why all of a sudden Green hydrogen?

Why cannot we develop Solar power on boats?

Green hydrogen may have to be stored in Fish collector vessels which should carry green hydrogen storage to replenish the fisherman’s boat hydrogen stock

So far no country has done this except In some Norwegian vessels where hydrogen is used

Good idea 

The question is who will implement it 

Attention to LNG to green hydrogen ?

Maybe green funds were promised at Cop27?

Can you imagine this

Our multi-day fishing boats of 45 to 55ft are equipped with Hyundai engines run with diesel or petrol with no generator to give power for 21 days depending on ice flakes taken with them no generator 

We are talking about gree hydrogen as fuel!

Engines to be converted to run on green hydrogen?

The best option is to deploy a few mother vessels in the deep sea which carry fuel water and ice plants to store the fish catches 

Help fishermen in that way

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