Posted on November 20th, 2022

Sasanka De Silva  Pannipitiya

Making it mandatory for children to come to school to get an education is a very outdated concept.

Allowing them to attend school in any attire is the way forward.

Some argue that the prescription is to make all children look equal, and class disparities will not matter then, but for how long?

Only for 8 hours, after which the rich go their separate ways and the less fortunate go their separate ways. 

To maintain balance in society, it is necessary for there to be good and bad, wealthy, and poor, but I am not here to discuss how that balance should be allocated.

Many kids will drop out of school if they don’t have a uniform to go to school, whether it be because of prior karma, God’s will, or whatever label one chooses based on their own views and convictions.

In a city setting, this condition might not be as obvious, but because most of the children come from wealthy or middle-class families, the problem is not brought to light and most people believe it does not exist.

However, this is fairly common in rural areas and presents a significant obstacle for many people who are less affluent.

By putting an early barrier in the form of a uniform, we are not aiding many deserving rural youngsters in their pursuit of a better life.

A good education is the most effective method to escape poverty and lead a happy life.

If it was a matter of quick identification, then instead of requiring them to attend school wearing a proper and required uniform, which many are unable to obtain mostly due to poverty, offer them an inexpensive, waterproof identification card with a lanyard.

I think we should enable children to acquire an education by attending school in whatever clothes they can afford and secure, rather than trying to change the makeup of society for a few hours by requiring that all children wear a predetermined uniform.

Sasanka De Silva


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