Totally Free Energy from Sky
Posted on November 22nd, 2022

Aloysius Hettiarachchi

I write with respect to Dr. Obesekera’s article that appeared a couple of days ago in this forum. He, perhaps presented a novel concept for capturing free solar energy by the fisher folk. This seems to be practical. However storing sufficient energy is the problem as the technology to convert that energy by way of liquid hydrogen may be too complicated. Batteries to store energy may not be affordable to fishermen.

However there can be other forms of energy that humanity not yet thought about. The link below gives a glimpse to one of those:

It appears that a sufficiently small drone can remain in air with remote control indefinitely with dangers that it entails!.

And the ocean itself may be a huge battery giving static electricity to water molecules or water vapour that hang in the sky. These are transported and come down to earth when it is discharged from cloud to cloud and back to earth finally sometimes with devastating consequences.

What better place to harvest it than in Sri Lanka where humidity is so high (and everybody complains about it). Perhaps it is the differential in the voltage that drives the currents from place to place in the ocean and not tides. It seems these currents were so predictable and seasonal that ancient seafarers of this country had used them for navigation according to one of Prof. Raj Somadeva’s videos.

Whatever it is the humanity should end the burning of fossil fuels and its use for world domination by various powers.

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