Sri Lanka and Bangladesh ports to boost connectivity
Posted on November 28th, 2022

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

It is commendable that Sri Lanka opened their eyes, ( though whoever is in the above picture is sleeping ) and take meaningful action to further develop transshipment trade with  Bangladesh Hopefully SAG5, and CICT joined hands on this mission

SLPA port is having difficulties in finding funds to complete ECT as early as possible to attract more and more Megaliners  to Colombo to help transshipment developing to Europe and the Middle East

Does one wonder whether Adani who invests in WCT which was given to India also joined this mission to Bangladesh?

Ex-president wanted to neutralize Indian Authorities who were quite bitter when he gave to Port Unions who made it a political as well as a personal issue and decided to give to Adani 

 In the event of ECT going to anyone from the grip of Trade Unions, they would have lost personal gains.

This was one of the stupidest decisions made by a head of a government.

Port was leased out Dockyard, area to SAGT , CICT, and even such a developable Hambantota, but why did we refuse to give ECT? Port should have offered WCT to union-led decision-makers

There was a request to make the shipping sector liberalized but many mega-local companies who feared losing their own business lobbied against it 

That means on one side government gives in to Unions and then again to Capitalists.

Now oil bunkering is offered to the private sector and the capitalist sector does not want it to happen

I sincerely hope that the current rulers make clear decisions and go ahead with the privatization

I am not sure why Selendiva-owned properties are not given out to investors and offer idling Trinco port and the land for development to earn more foreign currency.

Media is only talking about our teachers protesting against ladies who are donning saree but Media should  expose better things like above 

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