Posted on December 8th, 2022


Yesterday’s Island reported the Minister Bandula Gunawardana claiming that only

way to stop the crippling shortages is by selling state assets. And, he was endorsing

the remarks of Ranil Wickramasinghe who also was canvassing to sell Telcom,

Insurance Corp etc to enable to build a reserve of $3 billion!

But, according to a think tank of University of Peradeniya , the exporters of

Sri Lanka has hoarded a sum of $6.8 billion in 2022 in foreign countries!

Further, the Minister of Justice is now formulating laws to recover $53 billion

held in foreign countries by our  exporters for nearly 13 years,!

So, why not revise the Exchange Control law URGENTLY and read the law to the culprits while

compelling the doggy exporters to return at least 10% of the foreign exchange legally

due to Sri Lanka and arrange to get the balance funds within a reasonable

period. The country can then wait till mid 2023 and collect the IMF loan too, if necessary

rather than hurrying to kill the geese that lay golden eggs,


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