Mahaveli & Kelani: Selling Out Our Future in 48 Hours
Posted on December 15th, 2022

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Before you study the economics, study the economists!

e-Con e-News 04-10 December 2022

‘Our’ President met with NATO Indo-Pacific QUAD alliance envoys, from the US, India, England, Japan & Australia, on December 6. In case the President didn’t understand their English, European Union envoys met the Prime Minister. All these whites (or ‘honorary whites’) are dying to lecture & threaten. Or so the media tells us.

     The President then promised a probe into corruption (which in WhiteHouse English is spelled ‘Rajapakse’). A Rs 10-billion local government election was promised. A capitalist wish list (or wet dream) of a budget was passed in its third reading, promising to sell off the real crown jewels so to speak. A capitalist thinktank says they could sell it all off in 48 hours! And there flickers the Laxapana that once powered the dreams of Wimalasurendra’s 100,000 lights… (see ee, 1 August & 5 September 2020, Who’s Afraid of Wimalasurendra?, etc.)

• Threatening to divide the country, they dish out lectures to us on human rights (what rights are not human?) and reconciliation. Meanwhile this week, the US passed another trillion dollar military spending bill (saying $858billion, and not a trillion – but you know how their invoicing works!)

     Anyway, England is calling in the army to smash strikes. English police, military & prison guards are the only sectors prevented by law from walking out. Yet PM Rishi Sunak now hints new legislation will ban strikes in (suddenly) ‘critical’ sectors such as transport, health, education. In Germany, 3,000 armed police & troops, captured 130 premises and arrested 25 individuals across 11 German federal states, as well as in Austria and Italy, to attack their internal enemies. While the frenzied media game continues, to turn the spotlight away from the real imperialists, through a process called ‘inversion’ & ‘projection’. This involves accusing others of NATO’s own great crimes.

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