Ice Mafia Fights Back (Through People)
Posted on December 19th, 2022

Dilrook Kannangara

At last the government is doing something about the ice mafia. It is a very lucrative industry and the mafia is fighting back. The mafia cannot fight the police or the STF directly as they know it will be their end. Instead they agitate sections of the people to support them and save their lucrative industry.

Paid supporters of the ice mafia question the usefulness of checking school children’s bags looking for drugs and ask why bigwigs are not arrested. It is a calculated attempt to save ice and heroin bigwigs. Tracing bigwigs starts from the lowest level. School children reveal who sold them narcotics. It is easier to extract this information from school children than adults. This has sent panic waves across the ice mafia.

In addition, school children are most vulnerable for addiction and if addicted, the mafia would have created lifelong users of their narcotics.

The government, police and media must continue to hunt down ice users, ice sellers and ice importers despite social media and other attacks on the operation. Paid supporters of the ice and heroin mafia are behind the move to disrupt it.

As many import industries have collapsed, it is said that some former importers have no resorted to sell ice and heroin instead. They are riled by the police sting.

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