Who should lead our country?
Posted on January 5th, 2023

An Indepenedent Observer

The country is at a critical juncture not because of economic woes but because of the lack of a suitable leader for the majority, the Sinhala Buddhists.

Elections did come and go in the past but there was then always the case of choosing a SLFP or an UNP government.

SLPP has been sort of an extension of SLFP.

Though no party had a long-term vision people were able to choose a leader of their preference.  

However, it is not the case at this juncture. 

Who can we choose, come the election in a month or in a year?

Sajith stands as the prime person to take control of the country as he is the main opposition leader.

However is he suitable for the post of our supreme leader?

The notoriety he has gained as a thick-headed person or his alleged frauds ransacking the cultural fund could be discounted 

as most of our politicians are in the same breed.

However, in a country with a Sinhala Buddhist majority should a person masquerading as a Buddhist be accepted as its leader?

There are multiple reports that he has become a born again which he has never denied.

The country knows that his sister & mother belong to born again group and Sajith were alleged to have crept into a church in Kirillapone during election time.

And his conversion to the born-again cult is not the issue if it is so but what angers the majority is his futile attempts to conceal it.

The fact that President Wickremasinghe chose to respond to Sajith’s quotation from the Prabhava Sutta by quoting a line from the same sutra itself looks like the coup de grace.

President Wickremasinghe did retort pointing at Sajith what Buddha said in that Sutra was that anyone seeking refuge in the creed of the wicked would have his downfall!

Why did he choose to tell it to Sajith that line is crystal clear to all?

JVP with an alliance with or without FSP surfaced as a force to lead the country during the Aragalaya period.

In fact, Anura Dissanayake clearly did miss a golden opportunity to be our PM or even climb to the post of President but his fate was cruelly against him.

The subsequent arson, looting & murder that gripped the country frightened the mass so much JVP may not do much better than their 3% , come to an election.

Anura’s & JVP’s rising star Harshini Amarasuriya’s anti-Buddhist stance is a pointer to their collaboration with NGOs to attack the Buddhist foundation of the country.

His party supporter Sepala Amerasinghe’s latest insulting attacks on Dalada Maligawa cannot be taken lightly.

In a recent Salakuna program, Duminda Nagamuwa admitted that he is non Buddhist & a Marxist only.

Along with his FSP leader, Gunaratna M Buddhists can anticipate what is to come if those are elected to office.

The fate of UNP is not rosy at all. 

There is nobody beyond aging Ranil to be accepted as having any substance to lead our country. 

Unless a forged partnership with the SLPP, an immediate comeback is impossible.

Surprisingly SLFP seems to have a clear advantage here keeping its Sinhala Buddhist stance with MS as its leader as long as

ex-President Chandrika can be kept outside its framework.

On the other hand, SLFP  has lost a golden chance to be the leading party to claim the reins because of its lack of competent & efficient leadership.

MS or Dayasiri do not fit into that category clearly.

SLPP & Rajapakshas would be right on the card surely whatever mishaps have happened to them.

I would also have thought so having been a Rajapaksha follower ever since winning the war whatever the alleged corruption & economic downfalls happened

under them.

But I will not support any Rajapakshas anymore in the future.


Not because they caused the economic collapse but because of the incidents that happened during the Aragalaya time.

It clearly showed Gota was hands bound & acting under orders, no doubt from the US.

He could not deploy the army because Aragalaya was a US system change scheme.

It was shocking for the country to see horrible events unfolding at GalleFace day by day with utter silence from sleeping Gota’s regime.

We may have had pseudo-satisfaction that an Arab Spring did not happen in our country with the usual bloodshed but this foreign-led movement brought the desired system change in our country.

The US & India were right behind it.

This was not a struggle by the so-called innocent masses.

The most noteworthy master stroke taken by these foreign perpetrators stare at your face.

What was that?

Involve a prominent Buddhist monk in this protest or the system change.

They got hold of Ven Madoluwawe Sobitha Thero for the yahapalanaya struggle to topple MR regime then.

 And this time it was the other Ven Sobhitha.

Omalpe Sobhitha Thero who led the Aragalaya showed it was a Buddhist-led movement.

Tamil diaspora & the cardinal played their major roles upfront to draw the masses with the cardinal going all the way to the Vatican to set the ball rolling.

It was mostly Christian & Tamil & Muslim masses in the downtrodden areas in Colombo that filled the ground with the selected NGO-funded leaders.

Tamil diaspora & Muslim elements gave the financial backup.

Many popular Christian personalities,Yeheli Sangakkara,,Mahela’s first wife,Christina,Appuhamy ,Damitha Abeyratna & Christian cricketers were there to give their full backing.

Born again duo Sangakkara & Mahela gave theirs on social media.

No wonder RAW & US created incidents in the country funding those protests & rallies.

The most important lesson to the country from this system change is Never ever again elect a President having any connection to the US.

Whatever antagonism they may show against the US during their political campaign won’t hold any water if those with dual citizenship or close relatives in the US have been elected as the President of the country. 

US know then how to apply pressure on them with their families & children’s future in the US clearly in the US hands.

No parent would jeopardize their children’s future.

The US  is the master of maneuvering. 

What does this say?

Never again a Rajapaksha, Be Gota, Basil or Namal be our leader in the future.

Namal though not a US citizen can be easily maneuvered by the US through his connections to the US with Basil & Gota & their families in the US.

Namal’s fate is doomed.

If Namal becomes our President the country no doubt will face again the calamity through the interference of the US as happened to Gota.

None of MR’s sons have a particular appeal to the Buddhist majority.

They all look like a spoilt westernized bunch and all of them marrying into powerful Christian families too may be a factor here.

This should be the end of the Rajapaksha dynasty as much as happened to Bandranayaka’s though they may have pseudo hopes.

Rajapakshas should be a history in the past.

Do not forget there are other current prominent political leaders who fall Into this group with connections to the US such as Dallas Allapperuma & Sarath Fonseka.

Both are known to have their families & children living in the US.and no parent would like to jeopardize their children’s future by going against the US.

Here one striking fact that stands out is a number of our prominent political figures surprisingly hold US citizenship or green cards.

If not at least their children are having some sort of education or training in the US and with potential citizenship in the US.

This should alarm bells in our country.

What comes to light now is whether the US has a secret scheme to offer to our prospective political leaders or their families green cards or citizenship purposely to get them under their grip.

This is a very important issue the country and our aspiring leaders should take note of. How come several prominent political figures have been lucky to obtain it?

Therefore we only have a few now to choose to cast our votes to come to the election.

We need new heads & new leaders with some experience in politics and you cannot look beyond them.

The best hope is a unity of a few scattered good individuals in the current parliament who have a clean record though may not be absolute.

My best bet for the Sinhala Buddhist interests is a coalition party of individuals consisting of Prof Channa Jayasumana, Prof Charith Herath, Prof Gunapala Ratnasekera, 

Gevindu Kumaranatunga,Wimal Weerawansa,Udaya Gammanpila , Wasantha Yapa & Champika Ranawaka etc.

They can come together with shared leadership like what happened in Ireland where coalition leaders changed hands in the mid-term.

They should stay clear of SLPP ( Namal & Basil), SJB, JVP, or UNP.

However, an alliance with the SLFP looks possible that will give such a coalition a country-wide platform through the SLFP ‘s established groundwork, however, MS should not be the leader of the  Alliance.

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